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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Start with Broccoli

When we run out of ideas of what to cook for ourselves or our family, an easy solution always applies: go with something simple and improvize! That was what my Mom used to do and I do it now. She used to cook something as basic as omelette then someday she improved it and there we had omelette stuffed with minced meat served on our dining table. And as time went by, grated carrots and spring onions were added to it and finally we had tomato gravy to go with it too - with extra green peas!

My Mom must have developed her creativity from her experience eating out or simply chatting with her peer housewives. But one thing she could always count on: her courage to improvize...

So I will start with broccoli and in the near future I will bring it to the next level - I promise, Mom!

Serves 4 persons

- Broccoli - tear flowers from stalk, peel and slice stalk > 215 grams
- Chilies - slice lengthwise, get rid of seeds > 2
- Garlic - mince > 3 cloves
- Crab sticks - shred lengthwise > 2
- Prawns - peel except tail, devein > 125 grams
- Vegetable oil > 4 tablespoons
- Granulated sugar > 2 teaspoons
- Salt > 1 pinch
- Oyster sauce > 3 tablespoons
- Corn starch > 1/2 tablespoon
- Water - 3 tablespoons

- Mix corn starch with water. Set aside.
- Saute garlic in vegetable oil until fragrant.
- Add broccoli and prawns. Fry for a while and then fold in oyster sauce, sugar, and, salt.
- When prawns are almost cooked, add water, shredded crab sticks and chilies.
- Fry till prawns cooked. Avoid overfry.
- Serve hot.


  1. of my favorite...a perfect blend, so to speak, suggestion if may...make gravy from stocks with added crab meat and eggs(stir not beaten).

    Robert Lau

  2. Wow, that would definitely enhance the taste! Thanks for the input. Will come up with new menu from this.