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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Basil Crush

Gosh, this is exactly the drink I am yearning for everytime I am thirsty. Something as refreshing as orange juice and yet has an extra kick of licorice and mint. Superb!

First time tried it in a Thai restaurant near my office and ever since I couldn't get it out of my mind until last night when I actually made it in my kitchen. Chopped chopped, plucked plucked and made my blender useful one more time. And of course many times of tasting to get the taste right! The result was juicy combination of pineapple and passion fruit empowered by Thai basil leaves.

Small leaf herb with distinctive purple stems, Thai sweet basil carries a stronger taste compared to other sweet basils. In the raw form, it is served as a condiment in Thai and Vietnamese dishes. You will recognize it everytime you have a bowl of phở, the Vietnamese soupy noodle. Known as horapa in Thai, it is differentiated from its other Thai fellows: Thai holy basil (kakpraw) and Thai lemon basil (maengluck).

Serves 2 persons

- Pineapple - peel, roughly chop > 200 grams
- Thai sweet basil - pluck leaves from stalk > 12 grams
- Passion fruit puree > 2 1/2 tablespoons
- Granulated sugar > 1 1/2 tablespoons
- Water > 1/2 cup
- Ice cubes > 1 cup or more as desired

sweet thai basil

- Mix pineapple, Thai sweet basil leaves, passion fruit puree, sugar, and water in a blender. Whiz until smooth.
- Add ice cubes and continue whizzing until ice cubes completely crushed.
- Pour into a tall glass, sprinkle with some chopped basil leaves, and decorate with basil flower and pineapple chunks.
- Serve cold.

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