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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A while ago in Farnham I was introduced to Alyson Reynolds by Beverley Dutton of Squires Kitchen. At the same time I got a great opportunity to attend her Hibiscus class. It was such an exciting and inspiring class that I had got the Hibiscus image sticked to my mind ever since.

Inside the class, Alyson was a great teacher who managed to create a playful yet comprehensive learning session for all the students. Outside, she was a warm and cheerful friend who always had a big smile. We had great conversations about her flower craft of both sugar and cold porcelain. Alyson had shared many useful tips and tricks of the craft. We also talked about her first published book "Autumn Glory - Cold Porcelain and Sugar Flowers". A great book to keep!

Before we parted, we had hoped to meet again next time and wishfully if time permits in the future, there would be a scenic drive to Scotland, her country of residence.

Back home, I like to remember the special moment of meeting Alyson and making beautiful Hibiscus. "Thanks Alyson! You have been such an inspiration!"