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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Don't Worry, Everything is Fine!

Tasting the softness and smoothness of this mousse reminds me so much of that particular moment when I feel safe and everything is alright - an exact perception when I hear someone expresses "Don't worry, everything is fine!"

Never experimented with egg whites in a mousse recipe until now. And it was so amazing how great the texture turned out. Come to think about it, I would recommend this recipe for an afternoon tea during friends gathering. It is sweet, tasty, and who could actually resist lychees, right?

Serves 10 persons
- 1 big comma-shaped cake ring size 11"x7"x2"
- Aluminium foil

1. Crust

- Oreo cookies - mash cookies together with the sandwiched cream > 190 gram
- Salted butter - melt > 60 gram

- Cover the side and base of cake ring with aluminium foil.
- Mix mashed Oreo cookies with melted butter to form paste.
- Press Oreo paste to cover base of the cake ring.
- Refrigerate for an hour.

2. Lychee Yogurt Mousse, Topping Jelly and Decoration

Ingredients :
- Canned lychees > 2 cans (each can is about 485 grams)
- Egg white > 60 grams
- Sugar > 60 grams
- Whipping cream > 140 grams
- Plain yogurt > 100 grams
- Gelatine powder > 30 grams
- Hot Water > 50 grams
- Cherries or other fruits available > partially coat with white chocolate
- Carved orange peel
- Chocolate curls

- Open 2 lychee cans and separate 10 pieces of lychees for decoration.
- Weight the rest of lychees plus syrup to 700 grams. Puree them until fine.
- Separate 400 grams for mousse, and 300 grams for jelly topping.
- For jelly topping, strain lychee puree into fine juice.
- Refrigerate both.

Lychee Mousse :
- with electric cake mixer, whip egg white at medium speed until frothy.
- Gradually add in sugar and continue whipping until soft peaks form. Leave meringue aside in the mixing bowl.
- Whip cream at medium speed until soft peaks form. Set aside.
- Melt 20 grams of gelatine powder in 30 grams of hot water. Dissolve it and set aside for a while until it is just warm.
- Mix lychee puree with yogurt.
- Fold lychee mixture into meringue bowl and mix well at low speed.
- Then fold in whipping cream. Finally add warm gelatine. Mix well.
- Remove cake ring from refrigerator.
- Pour lychee mousse into cake ring and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Lychee Jelly Topping :
- Halve and slice 8 lychees lengthwise.
- Prepare white chocolate coated cherries for decoration.
- Melt 10 grams of gelatine powder in 20 grams of hot water. Dissolve it and leave to just warm.
- Mix gelatine with the strained lychee mixture.

- Take out the firm lychee mousse from fridge.
- Arrange lychee slices on top of the mousse.
- Gently strain lychee jelly onto the surface of lychee mousse to the level where cake ring is 95% full. Straining avoids bubble forming on the jelly surface.
- Decorate with white chocolate coated cherries while jelly is still runny.
- Refrigerate overnite.
- Decorate with carved orange peel and chocolate curls before serving.


  1. I like this cake very much, the shape is fun and the color and the decoration... I just like the whole thing. Too bad, my kitchen is not as good as yours, otherwise should try it... haha

  2. Ruf, maybe next time I should let you use my kitchen then. :-) You should start planning for your next holiday!!

  3. lychee yogurt mousse sounds delicious and thank you for sharing ! though, may I ask, if I bought gelatine in sheets instead of powder, how many sheets will I used ?
    Thanks !

  4. What wonderful mousse; great flavor combination