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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Les Poissons de Mon Père

As I sat in my kitchen and remembered all the delicious dishes my Dad used to cook for our dinner, one definitely outweighted the rest: silver pomfret soup. Regretted never really had the curiosity to learn from my Dad. He was a creative cook - experimental and smart!

Well, as I obviously never learnt anything from him besides tasting his dishes, now that I am into cooking I have to find and explore pomfret recipes myself. Haven't got into that delicious pomfret soup just yet, but rather start with steamed pomfret. Oh, Dad, send me some inspirations from Heaven, please!

Serves 3 persons

- Silver pomfret - medium size > 2
- Ginger - cut into small chunks > 10 grams
- Spring onion - chop into 0.5 cm segments > 2 stalks
- Dry mushrooms > soak in water till soft, slice lengthwise > 10 grams
- Vegetable oil > 4 1/2 teaspoons
- Salt > 1/2 teaspoon
- Granulated sugar > 1 teaspoon
- Ground black pepper > 1/8 teaspoon
- Garlic - mince > 3 cloves
- Red chilies > slice lengthwise, remove seeds > 3
- Sesame oil > 1 1/2 teaspoons
- Oyster sauce > 1 1/2 teaspoons

- Marinate fish with salt, sugar, black pepper, and ginger for 10 minutes. Keep ginger and drain.
- Steam fish on heat-proof plate. Add mushrooms, spring onion, and 3 teaspoons of vegetable oil. Cover and steam for 10 minutes. Remove from fire.
- Separate soup formed during steaming from the fish. Set aside.
- Saute minced garlic with 1 1/2 teaspoons of vegetable oil until fragrant.
- Fold in soup, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and chilies. Cook until boiled.
- Return fish to steamer. Add in boiled soup and steam for 10 minutes more.
- Serve hot.


  1. Is your Daddy Chinese....I love this dish is "Steam Fish Teochew style"....serve only during wedding banquet.

    Absolutely delicious.

  2. Thanks Robert, glad you enjoyed it... Yes, my dad is Chinese.

    Noticed you like cooking too. Why not start a food blog? That will be so fun.