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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fruits Companion

It was Monday evening after work and I just realized that a colleague was going to celebrate her birthday the following day. I am always the one who is silently in charge of the birthday cakes - either self baked or purchased from the patissarie shops. Everybody else would notice though if someday - hasn't happened yet so far - another colleague's cake is displayed on the celebration table. When that day comes, I will finally release myself from this coming-to-six-years duty.

As I gazed into my desktop calendar I panicked... since I didn't really have much time or ingredients to play with. After some consideration I decided to go with Dacquoise from my Spiced Pears and Dacquoise post - with a bit of shape modification and adding cocoa powder for chocolate taste and tone. Luckily I had various types of fresh fruits in my fridge plus canned ones, handy for decoration.

The result was an array of colors complementing chocolate Dacquoise, accompanied with almond slices and red jelly beads. Final touch was a brush of glaze over fruits to make them shine and avoid overnight decoloration.

"Happy Birthday, Phi Nid!"


  1. Your Blog is fantastic, congratulations, I will return more times, drop :) smile 4u

  2. i found your blog through DMBLGIT album and I must say you bake a variety of wonderful desserts!

  3. I was so glad to find your blog too. Your works are marvelous!