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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Special 02

Thank you all for your condolences. They meant a lot to me and T. Today is the day his dad was cremated. Took place at 5 pm but the whole ceremony started from 11am. For that I took leave from work. It was an opportunity to know everyone in T's family, his colleagues, friends, neighbors, old classmates and even exs. It was also a rare occasion where I could have a conversation with his sisters, aunts, and relatives.

This week has been a very hectic week with a lot of things to deal with. For T it is not over yet - tomorrow he has to wake up early to join his family in the temple to collect his dad's ashes and attend whatever ceremony following that. For me, I will go back to work as usual.

Don't worry I still remember my Wednesday Special. For that, I have kept these few shots I took last week and like to share 2 of them with you. T was too tired to have dinner and has fallen sleep while I was still finding time to send this post. Anyway, here you go.... Hope you all have a great Wednesday and enjoy these photos! Your suggestion and criticism are mostly welcome.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. All my condolences.



  2. So vivid, crisp and bright I feel as though I could reach right in and grab the objects! Exceptional photography!
    Kris, Thanks for the improvement tips regarding the Orange Tian:)

  3. Congratulation,Kris.. seem you need to open another pages to put all the badges LOL.

    Have a nice wednesday ! And enjoy every minute of your life with people around you.. ok.. Take Care..

  4. I never thought a kitchen scale could look so pretty! ;-)

  5. Wow Kris, amazing shots again! :) You know, you could totally make chillies a centrepiece at a wedding! I mean, they're such fiesty creatures with a vibrant colour to match. They're practically begging to be included in the party!

  6. Lovely photos Kris and hope you have a good week as well.

  7. Beautiful shots again Kris!! Wishing you lots of strength in these trying times! And hope you still manage to have a good easter..