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Friday, March 19, 2010

Satisfaction and Banana

A surprise came knocking this morning… I just won the DMBLGIT award for the month of February and I was so delighted. I have been waiting for snacksgiving’s announcement and finally it came through like a desirable red velvet cake topped with cheese cream frosting. And before I knew it, Fitri of Mommy Nisa congratulated me. Thanks, Fit!

It was in deed a pleasant feeling knowing that people agreed with my artistic judgement of choosing the right photo to send for the competition. I remember the first time I joined this contest, it took me days to pick the right picture to enter it since each participant was only allowed to send one entry from the previous month’s posting. As time went by and I learnt more about photography and saw more photos shot by professional bloggers (that’s you, by the way! :-)), this decision could be made quite fast.

And at the end of the day, the award is worth the effort - the long preparation of the cake, props, and hours of photo shoot. Sort of like a hard work pays off, plus an overwhelming satisfaction.

For this special occasion, I like to share this recipe that I adapted from Sweet Paul's Blueberry Ice Cream. Apparently the man has a very good taste of ice cream. This banana ice cream is creamy and luscious, and most importantly goes well with almost anything. Try and see whether you like it…

Adapted from Sweet Paul’s Blueberry Ice Cream.
Serves 6

- Egg > 1
- Egg yolks > 3
- Granulated sugar > 150 grams
- Corn starch > 2 teaspoons
- Milk > 250 ml
- Whipping cream > 2 cups
- Ripe big bananas – mash moderately > 2
- Strawberry jam > optional
- Chocolate sauce > optional
- Extra banana for decoration - slice > as desired
- Chocolate curl > optional
- Roasted almond chunks > optional

- Combine egg, egg yolks, and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat at high speed until pale and light.
- Heat milk in a saucepan until boiled. Immediately pour hot milk into the egg mixture while beating at medium speed. Add corn starch and mix thoroughly.
- Set stove to low heat, place egg mixture back into saucepan and cook until the mixture starts to curdle and thicken. Immediately remove from fire.
- Leave to cool. Add mashed banana and refrigerate overnight.
- Spin the cold mixture in ice cream maker until thick. Refrigerate overnight.
- Fill a serving glass with one thick layer of strawberry jam, scoop in some ice cream.
- Add a layer of chocolate sauce and a small amount of ice cream. Decorate with some banana slices. Top with a big ball of ice cream, a chocolate curl and some almond chunks.


  1. Congrats on winning DMBLGIT! But I knew you would, as soon as I saw your pretty-in-pink photo :)

    Beautiful dessert Kris!

  2. Congratulations! You deserved it. The banana ice cream looks fabulous, I'm going to bookmark it.

  3. Congrats! That is a beautiful shot!

    What a lovely dessert!



  4. Congratulations on the award! Beautiful photos like yours deserve no less :) I'm not a huge fan of bananas, but I feel like your ice cream would make me change my mind!

  5. Congrats for the award. Actually the banana ice cream recipe sounds really good. Do you mash the bananas before adding to the milk mix. Or cut? greetings

  6. Congratulations!!! You truly deserve it! Enjoy!
    P.S. Nothing encourages more to even harder effort - than appreciation of your work :)


  7. You deserve it ! *and every picture you've taken always become winning picture for me, Kris. Hey, why don't you try to become a host next time. It must be pleasure to 'come to your party' with your hospitality :)

    Btw, this is the great recipe! I love banana and will try this too.

    Have a nice weekend Kris.. Happy Spring

  8. Congratulations, Kris!
    I wish I knew lots more about food styling!

    And you sure picked a winner to celebrate. It made me smile because it is a perfect example of a verrine...all those divine layers in a clear glass.

  9. Congratulations!! You deserve every bit of it :)

  10. Kris,
    You are getting awards left and right! :) CONGRATS! You are so deserving! Enjoy your weekend!
    BTW, this dessert looks delicious and fabulous!

  11. Hubby is going to love this recipe! Banana and ice cream in the one go ;0)
    Congratulations on your award.

  12. Congratulations on your well-deserved award! Another great presentation this post as well.

  13. Congratulations! You certainly deserve it :) One of the best looking blogs around!!! Beautiful dessert. I love the bright red jam at the bottom.

  14. Congratulations for the DMBLGIT award! You totally deserved it. :) The ice cream looks magnificent, especially combined with that nice strawberry jam. Great idea!

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  15. *jumps around* Congratulations Kris! You absolutely deserved it for always putting 110% into the photos on this blog. It really shows. :)

    The icecream looks so creamy, I feel like I'm in better-than-ben&jerry-heaven. Could I totally add some caramlized pecans and chocolate chunks to it? :)

    Love it in parfait form of course, makes ordinary icecream even better than it always is, I'm sure!

  16. Congratulations on your award! And those ice cream "parfaits" look stunning!

  17. Congrats, your photos are really fantastic!

  18. Sounds delicious and your servings are gorgeous! Well deserved award!

  19. Congrats on the award! You definitely deserve it with the great desserts and pictures. This is also a lovely dessert that i can imagine being sold at one of those high-end coffee shops.

  20. So pretty! Congrats on the award =D.

  21. And a very well deserved award I might add!! As I think I have said a thousand times already; love your photography and styling. Just beautiful! I haven't done any proper photos lately; time to get back to it!
    As for the icecream; I can't wait to make this with my new icecream machine. Although after buying it I found out it doesn't fit in the freezer... Tsss... need to buy a separate freezer now (we were planning on doing that already so no harm done really.. :)) Looks gorgeous!

  22. Kris, congratulations. I knew you would be in contention when I saw your submission. Keep up the good photography work.

  23. Congratulations on your award. I love the look of this banana ice cream. It will be perfect for our warm weather.

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  25. What a beautiful desert... this is my first visit but I can see why you got the award!!! Really beautiful work!!

  26. Karen: Thanks, Karen!

    Anncoo: Thanks, Ann! Yes, the ice cream keeps me busy running back and forth to my freezer.

    Lucie: Ha ha, Lucie! You can always change it with blueberries. I think that is the fruit used in the original recipe, so feel free...

    Rosa: Thanks, Rosa!

    Anja: Yes, mash the banana for the ice cream mixture, but for decoration you can simply slice the banana.

    Anula: Yes, your words are entirely true. Appreciation! We need lots of that for our hardwork :-)

    Fitri: Ha ha interesting! Hosting the event? Why not? Funny enough nobody initiated that idea before, so let's see.. Anyway, I like it...

    Barbara: Thanks!

    Anh: Thanks!

    Sue Sparks: Try this ice cream, I am sure you and the kids will like it :-)

    Chele: Thanks!

    Barbara Bakes: Thanks, Barbara!

    R.: Hmm.... strawberry jam is the greatest :-)

    Monika: Yes, again strawberry jam is the best!

    Katie Yoon: Thanks, as much as I love your decorated cookies? Simply never stop amazing me....

    Vickys: Yes, you can add lots of caramelized pecans and chocolate chunks! Just don't mess it up :-))))))

    Valerie: Thanks!

    Miriam: Thanks!

    Gala: Thanks!

    Anjelikuh: Thanks, I hope it will happen one day in the future :-)

    Junglefrog: Ha ha that is so cute..... I thought about that while the ice-cream maker salesman was offering me the product. I almost bought it on the spot but then I was lucky enough to resist the purchase temptation and actually decided to go home and measure the freezer compartment :-)

    Jo: Thanks, Jo!

    Mimi: Yes, agree!

    Sana: Hope you find time to make and enjoy it! Happy ice creaming!

    Lost paest remembered: Thanks, feel free to drop by again :-)

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  27. Another well-deserved foodtography award! The winning photo as well as all of these are captivating and make me yearn for your desserts. I like that you layer this ice cream with jam, and the beads in the photos are an unexpected yet lovely touch.

  28. Congrats!! Your photos are so beautiful!

  29. Congrats!! I'm so glad you won - I love your photography and this one is no exception... This recipe sounds very desirable. yum!

  30. Congratulations.........your photos inspire me,....especially the colour co-ordinations!!!!! Superb job