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Monday, March 8, 2010


Time really flies... I have taken up 10 Daring Cook and 10 Daring Baker Challenges. Admittedly, they were hiccups and chaos happening at the time I baked or cooked following the challenge recipes. And at certain points I just thought of skipping one or two, like taking a daring break... Especially when there were work problems at the office, project deadlines, or worse, work stress… or specific ingredients were no where to be found like the artichokes and Marsala wine.

But funny enough, I didn’t quit any of the challenges just yet. I guess I did enjoy a certain level of chaos afterall, a steady sailing life is boring, right? So at times rocking boat is the ride that suits me. And thanks to all support from peer bloggers and DBers, I seemed to get by, one challenge after another.

Clicking through my posts, I was delighted that I had experienced all those challenges. Simply because they took me to different countries of the world (felt like so….) and tasted food and dessert I might not have known or heard of. And most importantly, making friends and discovered better techniques and recipes. What else could I hope for?

A while ago before I was involved with Tiramisu challenge I stumbled into Sweet Paul and ever since I have seen blogging in a new light. And so here I like to present Truffles I have prepared following his recipe. The same Truffles I have made for the previous Tiramisu Challenge.

Adapted from Sweet Paul’s Amaretto Truffles
Makes twenty 1.25 inch/3 cm diameter truffles

- Whipping cream > 1 cup
- Dark chocolate – chop into smaller pieces > 500 grams
- Cointreau orange liquor > 2 tablespoons
- Passionfruit curd > 250 grams (for recipe click here)
- Cocoa powder > 150 grams

- Fill a deep plate with cocoa powder for dusting and coating truffles. Set aside.
- Chill a big flat-based plate or tray.
- Place chopped chocolate and cointreau in a big bowl.
- Heat whipping cream in a saucepan until just boiled.
- Instantly pour hot cream over chocolate. Leave for 5 minutes for chocolate to melt.
- Stir with spatula and leave to cool.
- Refrigerate for half an hour or until chocolate mixture is thickened (but still pliable). Remove from refrigerator.

- Scoop a tablespoon of mixture into palm and roll with hands into balls with diameter 1.25 inch or 3 cm. Do it quickly as palm generates heat that melts the mixture. Balls are not expected to be perfect since there will be another round of rolling. Feel free to rechill the mixture if it is too sticky. Remove chilled plate or tray from fridge and set the balls on it after every roll. Keep rolling until it is done.
- Fill passionfruit curd in a piping bag fitted with a small plain nozzle. Hold the ball gently with one hand, inject the nozzle into the center of truffles and pipe an adequate amount of filling with another hand. Reroll balls.
- Immediately land rolled truffles on the cocoa plate. Roll with fork to coat thoroughly.
- Refrigerate overnight.


  1. Those truffles look magnificent! They must taste heavenly...

    Congrats on not giving up!



  2. Absolutely stunning photos... as usual! And where did you get those fabulous bowls and vases? They're beautiful!

  3. This is so perfect~ Truffles and of course your beautiful pictures.

  4. Congratulations! 10 DB and DC wow! and many more to come. These truffles are gorgeous.

  5. Fabulous looking truffles.

  6. gorgeous! You are so good at setting up photo props too!!

  7. Was looking forward to seeing how you made these gorgeous truffles.
    And am glad you're a DB because that's where I discovered your lovely blog, food and photography.

  8. Just this weekend, I was trying to list in my head all the DB and DC challenges I've done so far - I kept forgetting a couple (the ones where my results were neither spectacular, nor catastrophic). Looks like we've started at the same time: I have 11 DB challenges, and 10 DB ones. I'm really glad to have tried them all, too.

    I've made truffles before, but never tried stuffing them (I've only flavoured the ganache). I should try this before winter officially ends and it gets too warm for these. But my truffles never come out half as pretty and regular as yours!

  9. So beautiful! I'm certain that one of these days I will be seeing your photographs in an upscale culinary publication! Then I can say "I knew you when..." :) These sound fabulous and are so chocolately-YUM!
    Kris, now I feel even worse for missing the tiramisu last month, but I'm going to get on the March challenge right away! Have a great week!

  10. so THIS is how truffles are made! i always thought it involved some fancy steps and procedures but this looks easy enough to try sometime, thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow! The truffles are just perfect, and so are the shots! Love your blog :)

  12. Wow! fancy truffles!! I wish I can have one in my mouth now^^

  13. Kris, these are absolutely decadent and the photos are stunningly amazing again!

  14. Those truffles are gorgeous & your photos are fabulous as well! I also signed on to a culinary challenge & am cooking my way through an entire cookbook (all 255 recipes complete with wine pairings!). I'm signing up to follow you & looking forward to your next post. Stop by and visit me at Best of luck on your next "challenge!"

  15. Rosa's Yum Yum: Thanks, Rosa!

    Karen: You can find these bowls and vases in the weekend market.

    Sana: Thanks, I am still thinking about your Blueberry Cake! Yummy...

    Anncoo: Thanks, Ann!

    TaGa_Luto: Yes, DB and DC are simply contagious :-)

    Mimi: So is your toasted-coconut custard tart!

    Mini Baker: Thanks...

    Aparna: Yeah, long live DB!! :-)

    Valerie: Happy Truffles, then! I am sure they will turn out beautiful :-)

    Sue Sparks: Don't worry, Sue! Just make Tiramisu when you feel like it :-)

    Anjelikuh: You are welcome! It is very straight-forward :-)

    Monika: Thanks!

    Katie Yoon: You could, if you like :-)

    Jo: Thanks, Jo!

    Stephanie: Good luck for your determined culinary challenge! Hope everything will go smoothly :-)

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  16. Beautiful, as always! Have you ever tried a cosmopolitan made with Cointreau? Soo good! And a great way to pair a cocktail with your truffles :)

  17. Oh my. What a visual treat! I am so interested in this truffle recipe now. You have my heart calling for chocolate.

  18. your truffles look amazing. they belong in a bakery in paris! i am also loving your photography!

  19. Exquisite truffles! And I love your finishing touch. Just like you to make them gorgeous for presentation! Perfect, as always. Such a pleasure to visit your blog!

  20. What great styling and photos. (I feel like a broken record.) I discovered the Sweet Paul blog not to long ago myself and it's a wonder to behold.

  21. Those truffles themself would be worthy of a Daring Baker challenge I would say. They certainly look the part!
    I think I must have started roughly around the same time you did with daring bakers and cooks and funny enough I was looking back through all the posts I did last week! It's so much fun to try out all these new techniques!

  22. How beautiful! The photography, the recipe and your blog. I would never have thought to stuff curd into a truffle but what a great idea. They must taste gorgeous. I always love what you do. Thanks!

  23. I don't need to go to any of the food porn sites. I can always get my fix by stopping by here! These look fabulous!

  24. If there's one thing that I know will make my day, make me appreciate all that I have around me, and make me realize there is more to food than...eating, it's the words you write and share with us.

    :) Thanks Kris for another completely gorgeously inspired recipe. A truffle is like love in the simplest form!

  25. Mmm these truffles look divine, I agree the daring bakers is such a good thing :) i love doing it, congrats on doing 10 challenges of both the bakers and cooks!!

  26. So perfect! I'm in love! Those looks delicious. Sweet Paul's site is truly wonderful.

  27. Beautiful! I love the challenges too. Some are quite out of my comfort zone, others are ones I've always wanted to make and some I've never heard of. But they're always fun.

  28. Kris..only you could take a chocolate truffle and turn it into a masterpeice with nary a flick of the wrist. Those look beautiful. Love your post about the DK, but at first I was worried you were quitting one or both! I so looks forward to your challenge posts :)