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Monday, April 5, 2010

Rose and Chives

My chives flower shot just gave me a moment of bliss this week after getting a recognition in March DMBLGIT. Thanks to all of the judges for voting for my photo entry. I am so pleased to receive the award. Thank you!

Meanwhile I and T are planning for a 10-day holiday in Jakarta starting from 9th at the end of this week. Therefore there are many things I need to complete before the break. For one I need to carry out the next Daring Cooks' Challenge much earlier, prepare my Wednesday Special shots and whatever posts I might need to post from overseas. Now I do realize my life is not the same anymore, everything is connected with this blog and no matter where I go, this blog is always in my mind!

For now, I like to post something I have baked for a while now. It is one of my favorite bakings, and I believe it is one of most of yours too. Some might say that every food blogger must experience baking macarons. It could be universally true, could it?

Macaron is fun to bake, and for some it is a challenge. In moments of successful baking, the outcome is so pleasing and the feeling is overwhelmed with joy. The expression must go something like "There are feet!. There are feet!" Again, all of us have experienced that moment and will still react the same when encounter such occasion again and again. In that sense, macaron is always a special experience.

Makes 10 macarons

1. Rose Macarons
Prepare: 1 big baking tray lined with a Silpat or parchment paper

Ingredients :
- Egg white > 70 grams
- Sugar > 50 grams
- Icing sugar > 90 grams
- Ground almond > 45 grams
- Dried rose > 2 teaspoons
- Pink coloring > 3 drops

Method :
- Combine icing sugar and ground almond. Sieve.
- Whip egg white until frothy. Add sugar and continue whipping until stiff peaks form.
- Fold almond and icing mixture, and 1 teaspoon of dried rose gradually into the egg white in 2 additions. Mix carefully with a spatula until batter is shiny and flowy like magma.
- Fill batter into piping bag tipped with a plain circular nozzle and pipe into a circle with a diameter of 3 cm. Piping makes 20 pieces. Sprinkle the top with the rest of dried rose.

- Leave to rest until surface of these pipings are flat and dry or when touched, it doesn't stick to our finger.
- Preheat oven at 150°C.
- Bake at 150°C for 8-10 minutes. Reduce temperature to 125°C, turn tray 180 degrees and continue baking for 8-10 minutes.
- Cool on the rack and detach from Silpat or parchment paper.

2. Rose Ganache

Ingredients :
- White chocolate > 90 grams
- Whipping cream > 40 grams
- Rose water > 1 teaspoon
- Butter > 16 grams

Method :
- Place white chocolate in a bowl.
- Heat whipping cream until boiled. Pour into white chocolate. Leave for a while until white chocolate melts. Stir thoroughly.
- Add butter and rose water. Mix well.
- Leave to cool and thicken.

3. Assembly

- Fill rose ganache into piping bag and pipe on the macaron. Top with the other macaron to form like a sandwich.


  1. Kris,
    I am not at all surprised with your award:) These rose macarons are HEAVENLY! Simply BREATHTAKING!
    Have a fabulous holiday! You are so organized and responsible to take care of your Baking Cooks' Challenge before you go...I need to follow your example:)

    Happy Baking, Sue

  2. oh NOOOO ..!! you will got to Jakarta without me ? :P can you wait until the end of April LOL ! I wish someday I can meet you, Kris. I've try to keep secret not tell anyone about my plan to go there for sweet surpraise. But when I found that you will go there, I can't control my self not to telling you.. hahahha.. blubber mouth !

    Anyway, have fun in Jkt..

    sst...i know i can't win the badges anymore if you send this'the lovely macaron' for next DMBLGT ^_^ hahahahha... luv you kris..

  3. the dried roses add so much! SO beautiful!

  4. bien réussi ils sont magnifiques ainsi que la couleur
    bonne fêtes et à bientôt

  5. je te félicite pour le prix tu le mérites amplement
    bonne soirée

  6. Magnificent! They look so pretty!



  7. Wow, the photos are spectacular! As I'm sure the macarons are. Congratulations on the award. So very deserved!

  8. Kris, congrats on your DMBLGIT award. You are truly amazing. Love the macarons and I do think rosewater is such a delicate flavour with these treats.

  9. Such a beautiful entry. And congratulations on the award! :)

  10. I first saw the title with the beautiful photo of the macarons right beneath...and thought "rose and chive macarons? interesting!". But I'm sort of relieved these are classic rose--such a great flavor!

  11. Lovley Macaroons. Going to need to give this recipe a try. Enjoy your holidays ;0)

  12. These look wonderful!!
    So sorry to hear about T's father, I hope the holiday does him good.

  13. Kris, first of all congratulations on the DMBLGIT win. You desrve it.

    And your macarons are out of this world. I have tried making them so many times but been successful only once! :)

    Have a wonderful holiday. See you when you get back.

  14. I love rose macarons!! You did amazing job^^

  15. C'est MAGNIFIQUE.

  16. Those macarons are just beautiful. I love the pastel pink color, makes them look so gentle and fragile. Have a great holiday!

  17. Aren't those lovely? And I adore chive flowers too! Once again, your photos have such a dream-like quality about them. Just beautiful.

    I still have not made macarons! I have saved lots of info about it. Think I will approach them during our long hot summer here in Florida.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  18. Your macarons are simply gorgeous!

  19. Congratulations on your award. You deserved it!

  20. They are splendid! I know exactly what you mean about the excitement when macarons are baking and they develop feet! :-)

  21. Congrats on your latest award! I think you summed up macaron baking perfectly. I know your photographs of your pretty in pink macs are perfect!

  22. These are quite possibly the most beautiful phots I have ever seen. They are perfection.

  23. Congratulations! Your macarons are so pretty :)