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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Very Special 07

I would like to share my happiness with you all today. Wow, so happened it is the "Wednesday Special" day! And the weather is pretty good today too! The news is one of my earlier posts "Lychee Mousse Cake" has appeared in Dessert Magazine issue 14 page 68-69! I have to admit that I knew about this like a month or so, but the news could not be shared not until the post has become a real article physically, right? So, here I am...

And the other thing is I am actually thinking about quitting Daring Cook Challenge (don't worry, I will remain a Daring Baker) and dedicate the time to do more baking or desserts. With a full-time job and a relationship, at first I think I could spare sufficient time for baking, cooking, styling, and photographing. But I realized I could only have a certain duration of time no matter how I wished I could have more... So if I must eliminate one less favorite activity of the four and concentrate more on the other three, maybe I will end up getting better baking results and at the same time become more productive. Don't you agree with me?

All in all, I have had a great one year of Daring Cook Challenge. I should thank all of you who have given me advice and guidance that have make it possible for me to survive the challenges. Kudos to all the DC Challenge hosts and Audax of Audax Artifex! To show my gratitudes, Let me share with you a small dessert that will complete your perfect dinner! Enjoy :-)

Makes 6 glasses

1. Vanilla Panacotta

- Hot water > 25 ml
- Gelatine powder > 6 grams
- Whipping cream > 525 ml
- Granulated sugar > 65 grams
- Vanilla essence > 1 tablespoon

- Dissolve gelatine powder in hot water. Set aside.
- Combine whipping cream, granulated sugar and vanilla essence in a saucepan. Heat moderately until sugar is fully melted. Add the dissolved gelatine and mix well.
- Remove saucepan from fire. Leave to just warm and strain cream mixture through a fine sieve into the prepared glasses. Chill for 2 hours or until just firm enough.

2. Peach Jelly

- Peach puree > 170 ml
- Lime juice > 2 teaspoons
- Gelatine powder > 6 grams
- Gooseberry – halve > 6

- Mix peach puree, lime juice and gelatine powder in a saucepan. Heat moderately until gelatine is dissolved.
- Set aside to just warm. Strain it through a fine sieve into top of panacotta. Garnish with 2 pieces of gooseberry halves into each glass.
- Chill for an hour.

3. Peach Coulis

- Peach puree > 120 ml
- Granulated sugar > 25 grams
- Gooseberries, kiwi fruits or other fruits > to decorate

- Heat peach puree and sugar in a saucepan until sugar is completely dissolved.
- Set aside to cool, strain into top of jelly layer, and chill.
- Decorate with fruits and serve.


  1. Hello!

    I have been following of your blog for months, but never left any comments yet. But this time, it's practically required! Congratulations for the recognition and for the delicious and wonderful blog! I just love your recipes and photos! You are very talented!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


  2. Congratulations on the article. They should hire you full time because you're photography/styling is amazing.

  3. Kris, Congratulations on being published!! :)) Fantastic news! :))

    Sorry to hear you are leaving DC but well, there are only so many hours in a day.. Look fwd to more gorgeous bakes from u :)

  4. Sometimes in life one has to make difficult choices ;-P... I can understand your decision.

    That Lychee Mousse Cake looks fantastic! What a beauty! Mmmhhhh, I'm drooling... Lychee are so delicious.



  5. Hi Kris, it's ok to quit DC but please do not quit blogging and letting my eyes feast on your creation. It's no wonder that the lychee mousse got featured. It's gorgeous and as good as any I have seen in 5 star hotels and pastry shops. I've said this so often, and say again, you are a genius and the photos are absolutely beautiful.

  6. Oh Kris, congratulations!! Can't wait to see your recipe.

  7. Your cake looks incredible! You must be so proud of yourself - and you should be! :)

  8. Congratulations on the magazine, that's amazing! These mousses are perfectly stunning!

    As for quitting the DC, well, I would miss seeing your creations every month, but it's a personal decision. I'm sure I will have to make such a decision at some point myself...

  9. I do completely understand you. and you are so talented that I wait for upcomeing baking posts. Your blogs is really inspiring.

  10. Congrats my dear! You deserve all praise!

    I quit DB a while back. Just don't have enough time ya know?

    Whatever you decide, I expect to see more fab posts from you!

  11. Congratulations on the publication!! How cool is that? (and how very well deserved!!) I just received the latest issue but I hadn't checked it out so will do so straight away. I am actually thinking of quitting Daring Cooks as well. I love the challenges but it's hard to keep up with them all!

  12. Wow! Congratulations, Kris!!! You deserve it.

    Oh,'re leaving us?=;( I'm going to miss your creations/versions of the challenges!

    I wish you luck on your future endeavor.

  13. This is beautiful, such a fun treat for the summer (or spring)!

  14. Hi I just found your gorgeous blog on pinterest. I'm so glad I did! I love panna cotta and this such a beautiful recipe, I can't wait to try it. Your pictures are just beautiful.
    I would love to follow you on Pinterest but I can't find a button :( Are you by any chance on Pinterest?
    Thanks for all of your beautiful work