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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Step Back or Forward?

I had to bake something! Oh come on, think! It is a replacement for the Daring Cook's Challenge which I had called it off, most probably permanently... So how about something practical and yet sweet and buttery? Let's bake cupcakes, just love to decorate these mini cakes, one at a time.... So much fun, especially when it involves colored sugar...

Meanwhile, something surprising happened with my work at the office. For some budget reason (and of course the complain about the world economic crisis, oh come on..... I mean who doesn't make a fuss about it, right?) my employer had requested me to work either on a freelance basis or a 20% cut on my salary with one less working day per week. That happened last Friday so I told her I had to sleep on it and would talk to her again about it during this week.

I tried to understand the situation .... as most of the people in my situation would do, I bet. Is this a step back? Or a step forward (into unlimited possibilities)? Am I sad about it or relieved? Is it a misfortune or a blessing in disguise?

T showed his symphaty by saying that I should not be afraid because he would be my side on this. It was comforting and he surely had said it on the right time. So to get away from this matter (I couldn't really get away from it, frankly speaking, more like thinking lesser about options whenever the thoughts came to mind again and again), we picked up kararoke, or more like he picked it up and I listened to his singing.

Makes 13

- Cake flour > 250 grams
- Salt > 1 teaspoon
- Baking powder > 6 grams
- Salted butter – room temperature > 75 grams
- Granulated sugar > 270 grams
- Vanilla extract > 2 teaspoons
- Eggs > 3
- Evaporated milk > 265 ml
- Whipping cream > 250 ml
- Red colored sugar > 20 grams
- Grape - halve and deseed > 7

- Preheat oven to 180 C.
- Combine cake flour, salt and baking powder. Sift. Set aside.
- Beat butter, sugar, and vanilla extract with electric cake mixer at medium speed for 5 minutes.
- Add eggs, one at a time and beat thoroughly.
- Set to low speed, fold in sifted flour mixture and evaporated milk, alternately a little bit at a time. Beat until smooth.

- Pour batter into cupcake moulds, about 80% full.
- Bake for 25 minutes or whilst inserting toothpick into cupcake, it comes out clean.
- Leave to cool.
- Beat whipping cream at high speed until soft peak.
- Fill into the piping bag and pipe on top of cupcakes as desired.
- Sprinkle with red colored sugar.
- Decorate with grape.


  1. ils sont magnifiques et un peu girly,j'adore tu es un artiste bravo
    bonne journée

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes! so pretty and tempting!



  3. My son was told last year that he had to take a cut in pay or lose his job. He lives in Michigan and took the cut in pay. It's almost impossible to find a job in Michigan and he has a family to support. Unfortunately, he was promised this was temporary and nothing has happened to improve the situation as yet. So we all assume this is permanent. Don't know if this is any help to you or not.

    Now...I need to ask about the nut cups you cooked your muffins in. I made a recipe recently in them and loved the look...such a pretty presentation. However, the muffins stuck to the cup and when I tried to remove them, the tops came off. I sprayed Pam on the next batch, which improved the situation. However, this recipe was a very sticky coconut muffin. Did you have any problems getting the muffins out of the liners? Just wondering if it was the kind of muffin I made.

  4. These cupcakes look awfully good. Definitely a great replacement for DC. Love the simple decoration and spring like colours

  5. what a gorgeous cupcakes ... Photos are amazing.. mouth watering

  6. Karaoke really can make things feel better :) Hope you work this out and I'm sure you'll find the best in this situation. Cupcakes look like a great way to forget about all that for a while and just dive into the joys of frosting!

  7. very sweet :)
    i want them!!

  8. sorry to hear about the job situation...but I'm thinking it's a step forward!! Now you get more time do focus on your food and photography, and with all the awards and recent published magazine, you're off to a great start!

  9. Ooo that is a tough decision to make! What are you gonna do? It is hard in situations like this, but yes it can be a blessing. It will still be hard to make that choice though! Good luck with making the decision and those cakes look delicious!

  10. What glorious photos of these muffins. Surely they must be great. Your work situation may be a blessing as you are so talented maybe you are being called in a new direction.

  11. Your cupcakes look so fun.

  12. Ces cupcakes sont très beaux à voir.
    Les photos sont magnifiques.
    A très bientôt.

  13. Your cupcakes are so sweet and beautiful! I hope everything works out for you in your job situation and I certainly hope that you and T are keeping safe in Bangkok.

  14. Far too cute for words! Love the sprinkles.

  15. She's so lovely, she's so cute! Gongrats!

  16. First off, the cupcakes look brilliant!

    Second, good luck with the job decision. *sish* Is the situation really bad in Thailand? In Australia at least, things are much better now!

  17. Hi Kris!

    At least once in a day I came to visit your blog...and today, oh God! I have to try these cupcakes! One more for my to do list!

    And, don´t worry every step, and every change is a chance to make everthing different, everything better!

    Good Look!

  18. Baking and eating cupcakes is good therapy and will help you make the best decision:) Sending positive thoughts your way! Your cupcakes are darling!
    I hope you are safe and nowhere near the violence in Bangkok!!! Take care!

  19. Sweet cupcakes. Doesn't baking always make things a little better? Good luck with your decision at work

  20. hat wonderful blog, photos sensational ... this recipe is divine, a greeting from Italy, hello Ely

  21. Hi Kris,
    I hope everything works out for you. Your blog has inspired me and your pictures are always breath-taking. Keep safe always

  22. I love cupcakes and I love pictures of cupcakes! Great Blog, Keep up the good work!

  23. Its good that you are thinking positive. Scary times I'd say. Maybe there is a better opportunity peaking around the corner.

    These cupcakes are so cute.

  24. Hi, Kris. It's been in the news lately about Bangkok getting worst. I know sometimes news are magnified/embellished. Hope it's not really as worst as what they are showing. You guys stay safe.

    As for your job i wish you good luck on your new endeavor. It's not an isolated case. We just got our hours/days cut off w/c we agreed rather than looking for a new job w/c is not good here as well.

    I will miss your DC challenges entrees'!

    Those mini-cupcakes are beautiful and i know they are delish too!

  25. Ooh what gorgeous photos! Looks so delicious!

  26. My goodness, therese are absolute beauties. You made simple vanilla cupcakes look so stylish and delectable.
    *kisses* HH

  27. Hi Kris!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Hawaii was great, so beautiful, warm and tropical! A stark contrast to the weather back home in Massachusetts, the week I came back it was rainy, gray, and cold but now the days are getting nicer.
    Those cupcakes look delicious and very aesthetic! I'll have to attempt to make them sometime, if I can ever find the time!
    A bientot!

  28. I am discovreing your blog! It is just so wonderful, recipes, pictures, a sweet trip in your world! I hope you the best for your work!