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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family Affair

Just got the most powerful jab of my life that sent me to a long sleep I haven’t had for a long long time. A sleep I thought I didn’t have to wake up anymore. This combination of Dexamethasone and Ceftriaxone was really that lethal. The reason was that I haven’t been sleeping enough and being exposed to stress due to many things that have been happening around me, and especially planning for an exciting trip for my visiting family of 11 in Christmas.

Gee, that is the biggest thing I have to deal with right now. The last time they visited was 6 years a go and based on their confession it was the best trip they had had in the past. They had reminisced about it everytime I visited them and kids, especially kids, were making clear gesture that they would definitely want another trip very soon since then. Only then, they realized they had to wait for 6 more years to make it happen. It was a big decision since it involved a few families which then involved their annual leave permission, kids’ school holiday, and not to forget the other essential part: the money!. Comparing to joining a tour, they would rather to have me organize a trip for them, they preferred the freedom and flexibility involved in traveling on our own, the opportunities to try out local delicacies and go to non-touristy areas, and budgetwise, it is also cheaper.

Considering how short time has left to Christmas, I have pushed myself to do the best within the time restriction. Visited the travel expo during the weekend and that helped me moderately in working out places to visit for the trip (by the way, I think I had been exposed to some virus from the expo crowd as I started coughing and having fever right then). Needed to work out a concrete itinerary in order to make things right including booking for train tickets, air tickets, touring vans and other transport, meals and budget.

Time is really running out. Some desired accommodations are fully booked. That left me with very little choices or bigger budget to spend. I was lucky enough that T’s friend who happened to be residing in one of our destinations has offered to help for the local itinerary. Thanks H, you are the best!

Making this trip a sucess story is crucial to me, and therefore I have been focusing on doing it right a little bit too much. T disclosed how much he disliked me when I was so stressful about this matter. I was like “Hello, this is my family trip we are dealing with! I have to make this a happy trip for everyone”. Family connection is something personal and subjective. My view about my family might be different from his.

So there I was, sick for a couple of days while the itinerary was taking shape. It was just relieving that I had done the most crucial part regarding train and air tickets which are in fact running out quickly as everyone is going away on Christmas. For now, I need to be healthy again and I am pulling myself together, mostly on my own…

And these are photos of which I had promised in my previous posts. Without any delay, hope you all enjoy the scenes of the nature in KhaoKoh National Park. Maybe you will be there one day!


  1. Tes photos sont d'une pure merveille, bravo!
    La petite est trop mignonne.. :')
    Bise & Bonne journée

  2. ...che foto meravigliose! Il tuo blog mi piace da impazzire, lo seguo sempre, complimenti!

  3. Great that you'll be able to see your family for Christmas!

    That shots are splendid! What a gorgeous place.



  4. Que fotos mas bonitas!!! me encantan...un beso

  5. I would LOVE to see Thailand!!! And I will... someday... Reg. organizing a trip for your family - I know how tought it can be to 'join' all those puzzles together (I'm working in a travel agency...) and yes - things do get booked quicker for Christmas! Kudos for organizing such trip - I'm sure it will be a BIG succes and you all will have a fantastic time together!!! There's nothing more precious than family :)
    Take care of yourself and hope you'll get well soon!
    Cheers. Anula.

  6. I know how stressful planning family trips can want everything to be perfect. And you are a perfectionist, I can see it in your cooking!

    Take another look at the photos you posted..they are so calming. And then, deal with one day at a time. Feel better and stay calm. They love you and won't care if things aren't perfect.

  7. de superbes photos, bravo
    bonne journée

  8. Oh Kris, I know how it is to look forward to something and be stressed over organizing all the details for it at the same time! To get sick on top of it is terrible! I hope you are completely well very soon so that you can have a wonderful time with your family at Christmas!
    These photos of your trip to KhaoKoh National Park are so beautiful. It is soothing and relaxing just to look at them:)

  9. get well soon, Kris.. try not too stress and thinking too much about anything.. relax ok. everything will be fine and fun :D

    glad to come here to see all the beautiful picture, my fav. is the leaves comes out between the wood.. very neat.

  10. HI! I am sorry to hear that you are under lots of stress right now. I totally understand how stressful it can get when you plan and organize a trip for a group of people.
    But I know that it will be great at the end no matter what since you put lots of effort to it and I am sure everybody will really appreciate your effort.
    Hope you will feel better soon and enjoy your trip!!!

  11. I hope your health improve quickly and your family trip is a success. Gorgeous photos as always.

  12. Very nice picture!! like a dream ;)

  13. So glad to hear your family is visiting after so long, Kris. Sorry it stressed you out, though. I actually have been having sleep problems for the past 1-2 months and it takes a heavy toll. Glad you got to make up some of it. Lovely shots, of course.

  14. Oooh, what a coincidence. I am planning a family trip too. My family from over seas is coming to the US for the first time (and I am seeing them after 5 years)! So I have to make it really special.

    I hope your trip falls together perfectly and that you get fully recovered soon! Your posts and pictures are always inspiring. :)

  15. beautiful photos! good luck with your family trip, it can be so stressful to be a hostess! and 11 is a lot! still, i'm sure things will work out beautifully and they'll have a great time. feel better soon!

  16. Hope you get better soon. Take care.
    I know one likes to have evrything totally organised and perfect for one's family, but don't stress yourself out. They'll love you no matter what, because that's what families do.
    Enjoy having them down. :)

    Love your holiday pictures and my fave is the one wehere the leaves are peeking out of the gap in the wood.

  17. Guys: Thanks so much for all your encouragements about my family trip and great comments on the trip photos!!

    Anula: You are welcome in Thailand, hope to see you someday :-)

    Sue: I am sure you are planning something wonderful for your family too. Look forward to hearing more about it :-)

    Fitri: Thanks for dropping by. Said good bye to stress :-)

    Mausi: I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Are you taking a trip too?

    Xiaolu: Sleeping problem, that is tough? Have you seen a doctor?

    Wardah: Wow, we have something in common here.... Wish you all the best, and tell me all about it later, will you?

  18. Your photos are just simply stunning. I wish I could take photographs as well as you do! :D

  19. I too would love to see Thailand again - your photos are amazing!

  20. I'm sure your family will have a grand time with you organizing their vacation! Get well soon your photos, are they from your last vacation?

  21. Of course and thanks, Kris. Also, right back at you. Definitely tell me your success stories after your family has left.

  22. Get well soon Kris and to feel better I have something nice for you on my blog, please come and take it;)

  23. I'm sure your trip will be a great success and you will have a great time with your family!
    Gorgeous places and photos!

  24. Hi Kris,
    You know how much I enjoy reading your blog, so I chose it as one of my favorites to grant an Award. Please visit my blog and find out all about it here:

  25. Absolutely goregous photos!! Thank you for sharing :)

  26. Beautiful photos, kris! and I hope you get well soon!

  27. Hi, Kris! I know, i know it's been a while! I've been so busy, i've not been participating in my "foodie group". Just dropping by to say hi!

    My newlywed niece had their honeymoon in Phuket..i thought of you! If only i could join them..i'd love to visit Thailand again=;)

    I know your family will have a blast all the more that you've prepared a wonderful IT for them. Make most of your family bonding and have fun!

    Your photos are so beautiful!