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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Foggy Mountain

So excited that finally I will have opportunity to get away for a holiday on the mountain this weekend. Have been waiting to breathe in fresh mountain air and indulge in the glorious mountain scenery for a long time. Sometimes I feel very blessed staying in this country that owns so many exciting holiday destinations, either mountain or sea. We can just pick from a long list of beautiful destinations and go shortly on weekend. Or else if we fancy a longer stay we might need to wait until the next public holiday or take a few days off at work.

T’s colleague takes care of the itinerary, and we will be going in a group of 6, an adequate number of people to interact and have fun with. Our destination is Khao Koh National Park which is famous for its beautiful scenery. It is going to be an enjoyable trip because it will involve camping on the cliff overseeing the biggest cabbage farm in Thailand. I imagine the air would be so cold and that vegetable scent will be all over in the air. I can’t remember the last time sleeping in the tent and admiring the sound and serenity of nature, or looking out to the night sky full of stars.

And our mind just go wild knowing that most of us are game to cook and prepare our own meals right outside our tents. We agree we should be cooking something simple of which ingredients could be easily retrieved from the nearby market or even Seven-Eleven.

And before I forget, I should definitely mention about the fog. It is anticipated that we will be seeing lots of fogs in the morning and even the daytime. The view is guaranteed to be extremely remarkable. 4 from 6 in the group have prepared to bring cameras, and guess what, we all are fans of Canon :-)

Want to see the pictures? Well, you just need until we are back…. And I promise to take many pictures for the next post, okay? Allright, I hope you have a great weekend too, like I and all of us will. Cheers and enjoy this fabulous Lemon Cheese Cake topped with Caramelized Cumquats!!

Makes one 20cm round cake

Prepare: one 20 cm cake ring, covered bottom and side with aluminium foil.

- Chocolate biscuits > 250 grams
- Melted butter > 100 grams

- Ground biscuit until fine. Add melted butter and mix well.
- Press to the base of cake ring. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

2. Filling

- Gelatine > 1 tablespoon
- Hot water > 2 tablespoons
- Cream cheese > 250 grams
- Lemon rind> 2 teaspoons
- Condensed milk > 370 grams
- Lemon juice> 50 ml (approx. 1 big lemon)
- Lime juice > 20 ml (approx. 2 limes)

- Prepare hot water in a bowl. Sprinkle with gelatine and stir until totally dissolved. Cool for 5 minutes.
- Whip cream cheese and lemon rind until smooth. Fold in lemon and lime juice and condensed milk. Beat until even. Immediately fold in gelatine and stir well.
- Pour filling into cake ring on top of cookie base. Refrigerate overnight.

3. Caramelized Cumquats

- Cumquats > 250 grams
- Caster sugar > 175 grams

- Wash cumquats and prick the skins with a skewer.
- Boil water in a saucepan. Fold in cumquats and simmer for 20 minutes.
- Strain cumquats and keep 250 ml of the liquid.
- Pour this liquid back into saucepan. Set heat to medium and add in sugar. Stir until sugar is fully dissolved. Increase heat and boil for 10 minutes more.
- Fold in cumquats and simmer for 20 minutes. By then, cumquat skins will be soft.
- Remove from heat and cool.
- Spoon cumquats and sauce onto cheese cake and serve.


  1. Stunning pics and a very yummy sounding cheesecake. Have a nice weekend away ;0)

  2. Have a great time! Mountains are wonderful. I hope you'll show us some pictures of the national park.

    That cake is splendid! What gorgeous fiery colors!



  3. O I've been to that park too!! It's about 6 years ago but I can remember that it looked absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see your photos!
    And your pie looks absolutely beautiful and delicious.

  4. Beautiful colours and presentation. I'm sure it tastes great too!

  5. Your cheesecake looks so beautiful. Love the lighting and the bright colors! I'd love to see your camping photos...we just went camping at Big Sur a couple of weeks ago:) Have fun, and relax!

  6. Wouah c'est magnifique!
    J'adore ces jolis fruits posés sur le dessus, miam miamm
    Bonne soirée!

  7. I can't wait to see your photos! Thanks for the caramelized cumquats recipe! I have put them under brandy but never this way! Lovely!

  8. How can I eat your beautiful art?

  9. Kris, this looks really gorgeous and I'm drooling already.

  10. Guys, thanks for the comments!! Hope you all have had a great weekend :-)

    Marcellina: I think it might taste good to add a bit of brandy inside the cumquat syrup. I should have thought of that, thanks for the hint :-)

    Sue: Camping pictures will be right up :-)

    Simone: I am so glad we share the same experience here.... The mountain scenery is just breathtaking, can't wait to have another visit soon...

    Rosa: Judging from your posts and your passion for nature photography, I am sure you will love this national park :-)

  11. That looks amazing! I saw kumquats in Chinatown couple weeks ago but I didn't buy any. I wasn't sure what I was going to make. This looks like a great recipe. I hope you enjoy your time at Khao Koh National Park. The weather is getting cooler here. I bet the weather should be nice! I can't wait to see pictures from your trip!

  12. Oh ur holiday weekend sounds so so good!!
    And stunning pics of ur delicious creation!!!

  13. What a fabulous dessert! I really like the idea of caramelized kumquats! (I often had a bowl of them for decoration and my granddaughter used to bite into them...we'd have a bowl of kumquats with teeth marks in every one!)
    Such lovely photos, Kris.

  14. Caramelized kumquats sound like a real lovely and unique treat as does the rest of this cake. Can't wait for photos of your trip, Kris. Have a blast!

  15. Your cheesecake looks so delicate and soft! I wish I can have a piece with a cup of milk tea^^

  16. Your cheesecake looks delicious. I hope you had a great time during your vacation!

  17. Hope you enjoyed the mountains! Looks delish...
    Thank you :)

  18. Cheesecake is one dessert I do like and dessert would be my mail meal if it looked like yours! :)
    Have a wonderful time on your holiday. Looking forward to your pictures. I'm another Canon fan. ;-)
    And congratulations for the DMLGiT win too.

  19. Wow...เป็นชีสเึ้ึค้กที่ดูสวยงามและน่ากินเป็นที่สุดเลยคะ รูปก็สวยมากๆเลย ยาแวะเอาลิงค์ของ Pink velvet Cupcake Skewers ฉบับภาษาไืทยมาให้คะ
    @@@enjoy ค่ะ@@@@

  20. oh they are cumquats! i thought at first they were persimmons. carmelized cumquats, what an intriguing flavor. enjoy your holiday!

  21. WOW! Your trip sounds amazing as does this cheesecake. Thanks for your comment on my doughnuts. Yours are so lovely and you were so creative to make so many varieties.

  22. What a beautiful cheesecake! I love kumquats, so I bet this syrup is amazing. Can't wait to see your foggy mountain pictures!

  23. Your cheesecake is stunning! I am loving the sound of those kumquats over top. Hope you have fun trip!

  24. I can almost feel the Caramelized kumquats. They look so beautiful. The cake looks heavenly.

  25. The trip sounds like it is going to be fun and I look forward to the photos. The cumquats look amazing on that cheesecake, you do a fabulous job of photography, I'm quite envious of your use of lighting!

  26. oh No..!! I missed alot of moment from your blog, can't wait until you come back home safe Kris.. please..pretty please tell all your trip story ok..
    love you Kris.. take care..

  27. Can't wait to see the dreamy + foggy photos. I hope you had a great trip! Your recipe looks lovely! Yum.

  28. oh, yummy cheesecake..your photos are so beautiful! :) Have a safe trip and lots of fun on your vacation!! :D

  29. What an elegant cheesecake, and I just love the sound of that fruity topping. Have a wonderful vacation daaahling!
    *kisses* HH

  30. Kris..why does it seem I always miss a goody like this one? I've been checking for your souffles - sad that nothing is up, and suddenly, after absolutely gorgeous nature photos and a great write up, I run into these orange jewels bursting out of your gorgeous photos. Only you can take kumquats to a whole other level. Oh, the lemon cheesecake..PHEW (fanning self)

    Hope your vacay is/was wonderful!