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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just right before everyone in this world is celebrating love in the honor of St. Valentine, some of us have taken a great step in actualizing love in a more extensive scope than just lovers, family and friends by reaching out to other mankind in other part of the world.

Lauren of Celiac Teen chose to be one of those assertive some who have initiated action in giving hand to Haiti. She has spent hours and hours of asking bloggers for recipes, designing e-book, finding her way to make it available for online sale, and ultimately donating the money to Haiti. Kudos to Lauren for this graceful effort!

Her e-book is now available for purchase and the money will proceed to the Red Cross. So for anyone who is interested in this charity work, do click on Haiti Ebook to read more about “A Hand for Haiti”. Feel free to make a further action of purchasing the book by clicking on Add To Cart button available on the page or else please spread the words by providing this link in your blog

I just passed a truly comforting 6-month period with T. What could be better than cooking the most favourite and loved make-blogger-feel-at-home food from Lauren’s ebook for a little celebration on our own?

At the same time, I am also submitting this post for Bake-a-Cake - A Valentine's Day Special conducted by Confessions of a Bake-a-holic! Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Makes two dome shaped cakes of size 4"x9.5"x2.5" or one 8.5" circular cake

- All purpose flour > 175 gram
- Baking soda > 1 teaspoon
- Salt > 1/2 teaspoon
- Eggs > 3
- Mashed banana > 100 gram
- Vegetable oil > 110 gram

- Granulated sugar > 200 gram
- Ground cinnamon > 1/2 teaspoon
- Ground cloves > 1/2 teaspoon
- Banana essence > 1.5 teaspoons
- Almond - chop into chunks > 50 gram
- Raisins - chop into chunks > 60 gram

- Pre-heat oven at 190C.
- Mix A together and whisk until the batter is even.
- Fold in B. Mix well.
- Pour into mould and bake at 190C for 35-40 minutes.
- Remove immediately from baking tin.
- Cool and keep in room temperature.
- Serve with strawberry slices and marmalade.


  1. WOW! Again another beautiful cake. I just completed my baking for CNY, will add this in my to do list~ Thanks Kris :)

  2. :) let's celebrate loves everytime, not only for valentine's day. And share your talent is another way to celebrate loves. Hope you and T will happy forever.

    I love the background, i love the bowl, i love the pictures.. :) your pictures so inviting. Happy Valentine Day to you Kris.

  3. Marvelous cake done for a great cause!

  4. A fabulous cake! I love the combination with the strawberries...



  5. Kris - what an awesome post, and that banana cake looks spectacular, especially the close up photo with the shiny strawberries just beckoning. To think this beautiful cake will aid in helping so many, is wonderful, and makes me want to purchase another 10 copies for friends! KUdos to you and your talent :)

  6. Isn't it fantastic now people the world over come together to help when disaster strikes. It is truly a reflection of our love for mankind and shows our focus is on restoring, not destroying.
    The bread look delicious.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and T.

  7. It looks delicious! I have already purchased the ebook ofcourse.. :) Kudos to Lauren for making this happen on such short notice!

  8. Kris,
    What a great post dedicated to Lauren and her wonderful efforts! I'm going to check it out!

    This banana bread is kicked up a notch or two from regular ole' banana bread! The spices and the almonds-YUM! And those strawberries....:)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!! XO Sue

  9. Oh my goodness! That looks wonderful! The strawberries really put it over the top! May the two of you have a lovely Valentine's and many more to come <3

  10. Absolutely gorgeous photos and the recipe sounds wonderful!

  11. What a great way to celebrate Valentines and help Lauren promote her great ebook!

  12. Your photos are breathtaking and the cake seems very lovely. Happy eary V-day!

  13. It is great that bloggers around the world are banding together for such causes. I'm glad you are contributing to this as well. By the way this cake looks gorgeous and as always fantastic, fantastic photos.

  14. Lauren is precious! I am so overjoyed to see how many participated!! :)
    Lovely lovely photos!!!! Amazing!! Happy Valentines!! :)

  15. un gâteau sublime j'adore l'association des fraises, c'est magnifique
    à bientôt

  16. oh yum! i love the strawberries and syrup on top, makes it feel like love is in the air. Hope your valentine's day with T will be a lovely one!

  17. What a beautiful and delicious looking cake! So lovely with the strawberries and perfect for Valentines.

  18. Hey Kris,

    Hope everything is great in Bangkok! I jut made some banana bread so I can imagine how yours must have made your home fragrant with tropical warmth! :)

  19. This cake looks fantastic! I love banana bread so I can just imagine how great this is, especially with those strawberries.
    Wishing you a great weekend and a very good Valentine's Day :)

  20. Anncoo: Happy baking then, Ann!

    Fitri: Happy Valentine's to you too, Fit! I wish you will win in DMBLGIT January :-))

    Barbara: Thanks!

    Rosa: Yes, I was actually very delightful with the combination!

    Lisa Michelle: Thanks Lisa!

    Mimi: Yes, as one we can do something real big and fantastic for other human being!! Happy Valentine's Day, Mimi!

    Simone: Yes, Lauren is the greatest girl!

    Sue Sparks: Happy Valentine's Day, Sue!

    Rose: Wish you and Adam have a wonderful celebration yourself :-))

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  21. At the risk of sounding repetetive, I'm again saying your cake looks lovely. Love the colour and composition of your pictures.

  22. Gorgeous cake! Love the idea of bananas, cinnamon, and fresh strawberries together. That's a showstopper.

  23. You're so kind =D. This cake looks absolutely heavenly!