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Friday, February 19, 2010

Boy, I'm Inspired!

Have included Sweet Paul in "My Blog List" for the longest time, but didn't really have the leisure time to familiarize and get deeper into what Paul's blog is all about, until yesterday. And after spending hours and hours reading and clicking through his styling works - chronologically, I should say I was deeply ... deeply.... inspired. Haven't been inspired this much.. in a long long time...

It was like lots of fireworks were shot out into the evening Bangkok sky! **am I exaggerating ha ha? This envigorating inspiration was there like breathing the freshest air into my lungs, like discovering a fulfillment to my utmost desire..... like a long yearning finally found the way out!

In that moment of admiring his blog, I spoke to myself.... “I l…o…v…e all about this and should be doing just this .... photo styling!” Perhaps in the scope of food and lifestyle still-life styling, plus relevant photography. A near future direction or profession. “There I have defined it!”

I didn’t sleep well last night and this morning I started to notice all little details I have forgotten to pay attention to. Yellow brushstrokes on the pavement, wooden plant pots at the bus stop, rustic fences, vegetables at the market, and I stopped by a vintage book stop and chatted with the shop owner. Bought a very old photography book printed in China and collected information of how to go to a vintage furniture market nearby. I was inspired and I wanted to photograph something beautiful, soon.

All I know is I have loved everything that is beautiful like red velvet cupcakes, satin, lace, strawberries, passionfruits, plates, cups, kitchen props, backdrops, old rusty wood panels, glass vases, fancy utensils, embroideries, beads, and this list can go on and on endlessly... Now I want to be able to capture them all!

So an inspiration turns a firm quest? ...If a man really works on his dream, can he make it come true?

"Paul, thanks the inspiration! I like to dedicate this award to your blog!" You should all check out Paul's blog and be inspired :-)


  1. Beautiful photos! It's so nice to hear such a great story of inspiration--I get that feeling with baking and spend days wondering why in the world I'm in business school...!

  2. What splendid shots! I love that great blog too!



  3. Inspiration is a beautiful thing! I have always admired your lovely photos of food, and am sure you can extend your talent to whatever you want. Can't where to see where you take it :).

  4. To answer your question: "If a man really works on his dream, can he make it come true?" - YES! Or at least that what's I want to believe in!!! Good luck with persuading your dream!!! :)

  5. That is a magnificent collection of chive photos! You are so talented! There's such a dreamy look about them.

  6. Wish you the best of luck with your journey of inspiration, hope to see them come to life with your photography!

  7. Hey Kris, I went and checked out "Sweet Paul" and I like his blog:) (I really like his advent calendar.) Just to be clear though, YOU have an amazing and inspiring blog right here! Good luck on bringing your dream to fruition!

  8. what a lovely shot! I have been a fan of yours for awhile now. I was so surprised that you live in Thailand. I'll need to get your sources for baking/cooking supplies. I'm a thai but I am currently in Canada . So, I really don't know where to get things in Thailand. Anyhow, you can check out my first new blog started couple weeks ago!

  9. what a nice posting! glad to know that you are (ready) falling in love with photograpy and have a chance to learn everything new from everywhere. Keep posting, and keep click-ing Kris.. :)

  10. Wow... some inspiration you got there. Now - ofcourse - I am dying to go and check out his blog too. I love the photos you shot! Very lovely, light and delicate!

  11. Well, YOU'RE inspiring too Kris! :) I love your blog and the gorgeous ways you paint the world. I love those chives by the way, They're definitely a household favourite here.

    I just like how inspiration can make you step lighter, the sky wider and problems seem so much more 'overcome-able'.

  12. Lucie: Ha ha going to a business school could be good for learning the business side of baking, like when you finally decide to choose baking for buiness! I am sure you will figure it out along the way, good luck, Lucie!

    Rosa: Thanks!

    Xiaolu: Thanks for the encouragement! Let's see where this will lead to :-)

    Anula: I belive in it too!

    Barbara: I am happy you liked them!

    Anjelikuh: Thanks, will work harder on it :-)

    Sue Sparks: I am sure you will be hooked with Sweet Paul. He is such a talent!

    Whisk the pantry: Welcome to blogging! your blog is very nice!

    Fitri: Thanks, Fitri!

    Thip: Yes, definitely!

    Simone: Thanks, Simone! And Sweet Paul is highly recommended!

    Vickys: Thanks, Vicky! Inspiration makes me restless :-)

    Sawadee from bangkok,

  13. Lovely pictures as always! I had just checked on Paul's blog~ very interesting :)

  14. You have a beautiful blog. Your photos are lovely, and your writing superb. I found your comment on Barbara's post and thought I would take a look. Glad I did, I can't wait to explore.

  15. Kris, your blog is just as inspiring to me. I love your creations and photography and look forward to every post. Continue what you do best!

  16. Your blog truly is inspiring! It's so nice of you to recognize Paul!

  17. Kris,
    You do have a beautiful blog. You photos are always stunning.
    I'm sure you will do well at what ever you choose.A very wise man once told me to reach for the top, because there is more room up there.Mimi

  18. Your blog is inspiring Kris. I am always inspired when I check out your gorgeous photos an creations. Keep up the wonderful work.