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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Happy Visit

Family connection is something I need despite the fact I breathe in all freedom and independence of living as a single expatriate in Bangkok. I feel lucky to be surrounded by the colourful and comfortable lifestyle that makes me think that the next generation of my family, that is my nieces and nephews should have been born here in order to live such a liberated life. Of course that didn't happen.

Family connection brings me regular phone calls to my sister or chats on Skype with my cousin. I keyed in everyone’s birthday in my computer to make sure I remember those important days when they occur. Family connection defines me as a social human being and that remains the same as long as I live. Suffice to say, my family means a lot to me. And that is why I want T to be part of it.

So when recently my auntie decided to visit me here for a holiday with her husband, I was thrilled. I have been talking so much to her about my life here. Hearing too many good things about a place for too many times, she no longer possessed any slightest power to reject my invitation. Her husband’s initial fear of heat finally was put into peace when I convinced her that the weather here was fully bearable during the year-end period. So finally they were here, eager and excited like kids on a school holiday.

They were introduced to T and to the food which they loved entirely minus the spiciness and sourness. They met nice people. For instance when they went to a dessert store and the seller offered them dessert sample, they tried it, and decided they wouldn’t want to buy and gradually walked away. The seller was still giving them a smile. That was something remarkable for them. Safety is another thing they felt here. My aunt enjoyed browsing in supermarkets and making price comparison with those in Hong Kong.

To spice up their holiday here, whenever they were at my place, I tried to create some activities. And frankly speaking as much going-outs as I wanted to plan for them, I had to bear in mind I was dealing with 60-something-year-old persons here. Being modest with the options is good and despite their fit condition, I had to make sure were they were not over exhausted or over walked. Comfort and safety are a must.

I was entirely surprised how much they enjoy a sushi-making session. The idea came up one afternoon after my auntie was commenting about Japanese food and we decided to carry it out the next day. These 2 energetic matured persons were totally inspired to create various decorations for sushi. They had so many ideas, so keen to explore, so creative. And I believe you will agree with me when you see what they have made.

And now they have left, I and T really miss them, a lot!

"Auntie Ngai and Uncle Loh (or Auntie Easy and Uncle Handsome, as how T referred them from Thai translation), this post is dedicated to you. See you again very soon, and you are always welcome here!"

Recipe for Sushi, please click here


  1. WOW! These are absolutely stunning and I love all these pictures, so beautiful~~you're really an expert on photo taking.

  2. what a beautiful sushi you've made!! And I know they are proud of you.

    May be that is typical old people , like my parent they are not crazy about buy food from store, they loves homemade food and thougt homemade more delicious than ever :)

    Anyway, it almost new year, Kris *hmm..can't you belive that ? So what you gonna do for new year eve ? can't wait to read your story next.

  3. Hi Kris,
    I have also give you an award. Please collect it under Minted Green Tea Jellies.

    Cheers & Merry X'mas

  4. Your sushi looks like pretty little gifts, and I guess in a sense that is what they are! It's always nice to have family visit, especially when it turns out so well:) I'm impressed that you keep track of all the family birthdays-good for you, Kris! Merry Christmas to you and T! (Next year let me know and I will send you some candy canes!)

  5. Anncoo: Thank you for the compliment! Really appreciate it.

    Fitri: I sort of getting the sushi rice ready for them to fiddle around with. My auntie and her husband were doing all the creative work. How amazing that turned out! :-)
    I think I would be enjoying new year countdown with T for the first time. Sort of like accepting the fact we are getting older, together...
    How about you, Fit? I guess your plan to go back home has been postponed to next year??

    Anncoo: Wow, thank you so much for the Award! You brightened up my day!

    Sue Sparks: Thanks for the thought, Sue! Will definitely love the candy canes, or your candy cane cookies!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  6. wowwwwww

    i love your presentation!!!

    it's looks like thai and japanese food,wanna try some!!

    sawadee from Bangkok too ^^

  7. Kris,
    How wonderful to spend time with your beloved auntie. Your sushi making session looks yummy and of course fantastic photos.
    Merry Christmas

  8. Love these sushi, they look like works of art!! I must make sushi again sometime, I had so much fun doing it for Daring Cooks!

  9. I'm glad you had such a lovely time with your aunt and uncle. What a splendid assortment of sushi! I can't believe you guys made it all. One of my favorite activities with family is cooking, I must say. It's such a wonderful way to catch up and renew old ties. Happy New Year!