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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Very Special Birthday

It is a special month with many celebrations. My auntie's visit in the beginning of the month was considered the first celebration I had in December. Then today, Dec 24 is T's birthday. "Happy Birthday, T !!!". I am so glad I can share the special day of his existense in this world with him. And tomorrow's Christmas, and it is also R, my cousin's birthday. Yes, it is very special to be born on a Christmas day. "Happy Birthday, R !!!"

And also I just got an Award from Anncoo of Anncoo's Hobby after receiving another Award early on from Sue Sparks of Munchkin Munchies. I love this festive season with lots of joy. "Thanks, guys for considering me to accept these Awards!" Visit Anncoo's Hobby and Munchkin Munchies to explore the wonderful world of both cooking and baking!

To you all "Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!"

Today is a working day, so I and T don't really have any special thing to do except dinner tonight. We will go to have his favorite Vietnamese food. Last night I had prepared a surprise at my place waiting for him to turn on the light and see later tonight. And a birthday is not complete without a home-made birthday cake, right?

So for this special day, I have picked to bake Chocolate Mousse Cake from Dean Brettschneider's Global Bakinglast night. It was practical and didn't take up a lot of time. And let's see how it tastes tonight.

Adapted from Dean Brettschneider's Global Baking
Makes a 20cm-diameter heart shaped cake

1. Base

- Couscous > 150 grams
- Water > 450 ml
- Dark chocolate > 40 grams
- Granulated sugar > 180 grams
- Vanilla essence > 2 teaspoons

- Cover the bottom and sides of a 20cm-diameter heart shaped cake ring with aluminium foil.
- Mix all ingredients together in a saucepan. Bring to boil and stir constantly.
- Once boiled, reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes until the mixture becomes a thick paste. Keep stirring to avoid burnt mixture.
- Once the mixture is warm to touch, press it into the base of the cake ring.
- Refrigerate.

2. Mousse

- Dark chocolate - chop into small pieces > 285 grams
- Silken soft egg tofu > 600 grams
- Corn syrup > 45 ml
- Icing sugar > 3 teaspoons
- Kahlua > 45 ml

- Melt chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan with simmering water.
- Set aside to cool.
- Place silken tofu, corn syrup and kahlua in a blender and blend until smooth.
- Add melted chocolate and continue blending for 2 minutes more.
- Remove the base from the refrigerator and pour mousse mixture over it.
- Cover with cling film and refrigerate. Allow to set overnight.
- Decorate the next day.


  1. What a gorgeous cake and what fun to have all those celebrations going on!! Wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous christmas!!!

  2. Happy Birthday,T :) and happy holiday for you both.. wishing you the best christmas ever.
    Nice presentation, delicious cake..what else i can say .. you are ROCK..!!

    *ssst.. I love the white serving plate too LOL..

  3. So many birthdays to celebrate around Christams!

    Merry christmas and Happy New Year!



  4. congratulation for award!!!

    waiting for your recipe ^^

  5. Your cake looks like it should be in a magazine! It's gorgeous! Have a great birthday celebration:)

  6. Stunning! Happy Birthday to T and R, and Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Merry Christmas from rainy Ireland!
    Lots of presents from Santa, yummy Christmas feast and have a great time with your family and friends :)
    Cheers! Anula.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas Kris!! Now that this busy week is over, I can finally catch up with reading blogs--beautiful pictures and that cake looks AMAZING! :)

  10. Happy belated birthday to T and R! Honestly, you blow me away with your amazing treats and photos. Can't wait to see what you share with us next :).