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Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet The Sisters

My Saturday surprise, T asked me to join him and his sisters for a trip to Prachin Buri, 2-hour drive from Bangkok. It was a family gathering packed with fun, food, plus a respectful visit to the temple, and his mother's and grandfather's graves. All within the same day, Sunday.

So I took the initiative of baking something nice for the family members and the monks, and he was pleased knowing I took the trip seriously. As he asked what would be practical to bake for such an occasion with very little time left for baking on a Saturday night, I suggested swiss rolls. He agreed to help by staying overnight so we could leave home together first thing the following morning.

While baking swiss rolls didn't seem to really take up a lot of time, but when it came to baking 4 trays plus cooling, preparing and applying filling, rolling and cutting, my initial comment of 'practical' seemed very subjective to him. But yet, he was there, patiently messing up his hands with the filling and rolling. And he took over all the cleaning sessions in between each bakings. Hmm, sometimes I wonder what are the great things I have done to deserve him?? He has definily won my heart in baking assisting department.

We managed to bake 80 pieces of swiss rolls filled with strawberry and blueberry marmalade and were both pleased of our home-made craft albeit the rolling didn't seem to be tight and neat enough. Finally finished at half past midnight - 3 hours after we first laid our hands in baking ingredients. We quickly brushed our teeth and headed to bed. 5-hour sleep was all we could possibly have in order to catch a taxi at 5:30 in the morning. Gosh, time was ticking away...

To remember this special trip, I like to post an Omelette recipe that was once prepared by T for my close friends' visit a few weeks back. And yes, the croissant challenge with Sue of Munchkin Munchies is on this week! Yeah....

Serves 4

1. Prawn Omelette

- Garlic - mince > 1 clove
- Whole eggs > 2
- Prawn - shell, devein, chop coarsely > 150 grams
- Carrots - grate > 100 grams
- Spring onion - cut small > 1 stalk
- Corn flour > 1 tablespoon
- Baking powder > 1/2 teaspoon
- Salt > 1/8 teaspoon
- Vegetable oil > 175 ml

- Mix all ingredients, except vegetable oil together.
- Preheat frying pan. Fold in vegetable oil and wait until it is very hot.
- Pour half of omelette mixture into pan and fry until it is golden and fully cooked, then invert and do the same to the other side.
- Fry the rest of the omelette mixture.

2. Sweet and Sour Tomato Sauce

- Corn flour > 1/2 teaspoon
- Water > 1/2 cup
- Garlic - mince > 1 clove
- Tomato sauce > 1 tablespoon
- Vinegar > 1 teaspoon
- Oyster sauce > 1 teaspoon
- Sugar > 1 teaspoon
- Boiled green peas > 5 grams

- Dillute corn flour in water.
- Mix in the rest of the ingredients. Keep stirring and bring to boil.
- Pour on top of prawn omelette.
- Serve hot.


  1. This omelette looks delicious (and I haven't even had breakfast yet, so my tummy is grumbling). I'm glad you had a nice weekend and it sounds like those swiss rolls went over really well. :)

  2. i love omelette in creative ways. once i made a omelette provencal style with thyme, rosemary and goatcheese. i like your recipe really. and oyster sauce in the tomatoe sauce sounds smart.

  3. Hi..Kris, how are you? seem you are busy around. Wish you always fine. I love the idea of prawn omelette, sound new for me. I will glad to try this recipes tomorrow and will let you know the result.. Thanks for sharing Kris.. and take care..

  4. Ooo! The swiss rolls sound delicious =D. Not to mention the omelette - Perfect!

  5. Looks beautiful and sounds tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. The swiis rolls sound so good, and your omelette looks savory and delicious! My husband makes "killer" omelettes!:)

    BTW, I am in the middle of the process with the croissants...they still go in the fridge tonight, and I finish them off the moment (still in a folded square) they are in the freezer for 20 minutes, to "relax and chill the dough" according to the recipe. I have high hopes for success! Hope all is well on your end!

  7. That's a lot of swiss rolls to crank out on such short notice. Hope you enjoyed the day trip!