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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Business For Half A Day

There is always something following up a DB or DC challenge. Another round of baking or cooking to either improve the technique, try out different fillings or toppings, utilize new ingredients, practise a new method, or in most cases churn out sweet or savory version of the challenge. Well, for puff pastry I like to post some pictures of the savory vol-au-vent - red bell pepper prawn with tuna custard filling.

I had so much fun with puff pastry. Entirely pleased to be part of this Daring learning process and have the privilege to see many new possibilities, of which were vague or non-existent before. With this skill that I learnt I could now produce almost anything desirable to the sight and taste. Name a few: mille feuilles, danish, napoleon, pithivier, palmier, etc. etc.

Oh of course not to forget croissant, and for this particular pastry I and Sue of Munchkin Munchies arranged to have our own challenge. We both loved it and dreamt about doing it one day, so we hope this little challenge will kick us out from our indecisive mode and make it happen. Shall we, Sue? Next week maybe??

Today, T reminded me about a poster in our lift announching a family bazaar day on 18th next month and asked whether I would be interested to take up a booth. He said it would be so fun to run a small business together, both of us, even just for half a day. Thought about it instantaneously and contacted the organizer. Managed to get booth no. 5 and now I am left to think about what to sell. Cupcakes maybe? I have this beautiful 3-tier cupcake stand dying to be shown. Hmmm a lot of ideas in my mind already. Two weeks to go!


  1. Gorgeous plating and photos. Your golden flaky puff pastry lifted like a helium balloon. Great job!

  2. your photos are amazing, and so is the resto of the blog, your vol au vents turned out wondefully fluffy and they look delicious! very well done,

    cheers from london,


  3. Ohhhh--those puff pastries with the savory shrimp filling--they look so DELICIOUS!! I can't wait to hear what you will be selling at the bazaar. :)

  4. I think these are the flakiest vol au vents I've seen yet - what an impressive job. Lovely, lovely photos as well.