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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Challenge

So excited, just got accepted to be a Daring Baker! Plus like the new logo so much.... and feel great to actually embed it in my blog page. Thought of posting this site to help me remember the first time I join other DBs in taking up a baking challenge.

Okay, get ready for the upcoming challenges. Baking and cooking together? Or just baking? Let's see how much time I have then....

And as for now, I would like to post something easy and practical to accompany a bowl of rice on my dining table.... Something I would do when I don't have much time for cooking. Enjoy the simplicity...

Serves 3 persons

- Vegetable oil > 2 tablespoons
- Garlic > 10 cloves
- Morning glory - cut stalk from leave section and chop into length of 6-7cm, separate leaf and stalk portions > 250 grams
- Oyster sauce > 2 tablespoons
- Red chilies – slice lenghtwise > 3

- Saute garlic with vegetable oil in a pan until golden brown and fragrant.
- Fold in morning glory stalk portion first. Fry for a while then fold in the leaf portion.
- Pour oyster sauce in and stir well. Add chilly slices. Stir.
- Cover pan for a short while.
- Remove cover. Stir thoroughly.
- Serve hot.


  1. Finally I know the English equivalent to Kang Kong ...Morning Glory...what a lovely name for such a humble plant...THANKX.

    Robert Lau.

  2. I haven't had Pak-Boong for a while, Kris. You got it right with the chilies. :)
    p.s. you gotta try Thai chicken lettuce wrap, my husband loves it.

  3. Ha ha ha... that was what I thought first time I learned about it! That just showed that simple stuff can be beautiful too.. :-)


  4. Thip, nothing is complete without chilies here.. well, you know better :-)

    Yes, Thai chicken lettuce wrap.... right on to it this weekend...


  5. Gosh, you made me cry :( for almost 2 month I couldn't find kangkung in asian store LOL. We've love to put shrimp paste for kangkung stew, it's come perfect ..

  6. Yes, Fitri. Adding shrimp paste and prawns will bring out the best of morning glory (kangkung)! Especially if it is served on hotplate....