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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yolks... Yolks..

In times of having too many egg yolks in storage, one has to think of a way out. Especially when egg yolks have been sitting in the air-tight container inside the fridge for more than 2 days. I have to do something about them or else they will be wasted... and I won't let it happen!

Well, many food bloggers have come out with an ice cream solution. That means after producing lots of cute macarons or an appealing pavlova or whatever that uses up the egg whites and abandons the egg yolks, one should quickly think of the ice cream to accompany his first baking. What if one refuses to do so, let's say he is bored of ice cream or in worse case, he doesn't have an ice cream maker to process the ice cream itself? What is he going to do?

There should be a recipe to run to.... quickly!

After churning out a lot of meringue in my last session of Pavlova, I was in the middle of this exact situation and I told myself I had to find a solution. Anything but not ice cream, I just had too much ice cream lately and I could see the grin in T's face everytime I offered him ice cream.

After flipping through baking books and browse the internet, I found my super duper recipe. It simply consumes my entire bowl of yolks in one go. Call it a miracle for someone who is in need!

Makes 12-16 mini pudding
Prepare: one 8.5 inch square cake mould and one 2 inch cake ring.

- Egg yolks > 6
- Granulated sugar > 100 grams
- Lime zest > 3 teaspoons
- Whipping cream > 450ml
- Whole milk > 150ml
- Vanilla essence > 1 teaspoon
- Raisins > 100 grams
- Dried cranberries > 100 grams
- 4 inch square bread slices, thickness 1.5cm, crust in tact > 8 slices

- Combine raisins and dried cranberries in a bowl. Set aside.
- Preheat oven to 170C.
- Grease and line the bottom and sides of a 7inch square cake mould.
- Beat egg yolks and sugar until pale and thick. Add lime zest and beat briefly. Set aside.
- Separately boil whipping cream and vanilla essence in a saucepan.
- Immediately pour the hot mixture into the egg mixture while whisking constantly. Set aside.
- Scatter half of the dried fruits throughout the cake mould.
- Dip 4 bread slices, one at a time, into egg mixture and toss it gently to cover completely. Place these slices of coated bread on top of the scattered fruits. Press firmly.

- Spread the rest of dried fruits on bread layer.
- Dip other 4 slices of bread in the egg mixture and lay them on top of the fruits.
- Pour the remaining egg mixture into the cake mould.
- Bake at 170C for one hour or until the pudding is firm.
- Remove from oven and leavepudding to cool in the mould.
- Refrigerate overnight.
- The next day, invert cake mould on a baking tray. Remove the lining paper.
- Use 2 inch cake ring to cut out 12-16 pieces of mini puddings.
- Invert puddings and place on serving plate.


  1. Those little puddings are marvelous! I love their beautiful golden color.



  2. what a great way to use upp the yolks! :) I love the look of these pudding.

  3. I often look for what to do with my egg yolks ... It's a really a good idea! Especially, I love dried cranberries. I would put them everywhere :)
    Your mini pudding looks delicious!
    Have nice day

  4. I'm the opposite. I always have too many egg whites leftover because I love custards, tarts and brulees and I don't really like meringues or macarons that much. Too bad we can't swap my whites for your yolks :)

    Beautiful work as usual.

  5. I actually love eggs! My husband makes "killer" omelettes:) I'm glad you found such a deliciously pretty solution for all your egg yolks! Have a great week, Kris!

  6. What a great idea, For me it is simple with whites left over as my daughter loves egg white scrambled with cheese eggs. Lovely pictures as always

  7. After looking at this, I'm going to have to make an angel food cake really soon cause I'll have whites left over! :)

  8. It is a problem trying to use up egg yolks when you don't feel like making ice cream. I like your invention though ;0)

  9. Next time, try bake this Malay cake known as 'Kek lapis'. It's cake but with lots of layers! They need LOTS of egg yolks. T__T

    Here's a recipe I found in case you're interested. ;)

  10. Great idea. Mine usually end up as scrambled eggs for supper, especially if I've used the whites for a more elaborate dessert and spent considerable time working on it. :)

  11. Yes I always seem to have too many egg yolks left over and do not really care for icecream. A few yolk recipes around is a great idea. Very pretty puddings.

  12. Yum..nothing like a recipe in a moment of need. Only for the food blogger. Beautiful photos Kris. Take care

  13. Beautiful as well as delicious!


  14. The colours in this pudding a so beautiful! I bet it taste fantastic too!

  15. Beautiful! So glad I found your blog, it is lovely! It's always nice to have another recipe to use up egg yolks! :)

  16. That looks so good Kris! I can always use extra recipes to use up leftover eggyolks ( especially since we're going to start à pattisier course next week!!)

  17. Kris, if you're looking for another nice way to use up yolks, try the Poilane recipe for buttery sablés--you won't be disappointed!

    I love these puddings: I could see them in a delicious brunch layout!

  18. This looks great Kris! I will either make custard - which I eat by the spoonful or put in Portuguese custard tarts - or ice cream. My partner can't get enough ice cream and I finally have a great relationship with the ice cream maker (even though it's slightly broken) - it's producing the perfect ice cream.

  19. I've adored bread pudding since childhood and I love these darling single-serve versions. You make everything and anything beautiful, Kris XD. Oh, I do think you may have left off the bread from the ingredients list. FYI in case you didn't intend to.

  20. i have been looking for a recipe for exactly this reason! i ALWAYS have leftover yolks, and RARELY want to spend the time to make a creme brulee or some such every time. these are gorgeous, and rather simple, and non-wasteful. thank you!

  21. TAG .. !!! that's pretty cake, I would like to make after Eid Fitri not now.. I have too much white egg, since I made layer cake. :D

  22. Great idea to use egg yolks that way. For my remaining yolks I usually think of a lemon pie, pastry cream or creme brulee solution.

  23. I find myself with yolks sitting waiting to be used often too. What a great recipe to use them in.

  24. Great idea! :) I usually make custards or something like that but this is a nice alternative!

  25. Truly gorgeous Kris. I love petit fours and you made these in style! Great idea for yolks!!

  26. What adorable little puddings, what a great desert you ended up making out of left over egg yolks!
    *kisses* HH

  27. I'm always looking for ways to use up yolks. Great looking puddings :)