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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Special 11

Congratulations to all the winners of June DMBLGIT! And thanks to Nidhi of Snacksgiving for appointing me to be the judge for the event. I would also like to express my gratitude to all participants who have submitted photos and helped save the contest. My special gratitude to many foodbloggers who have taken the step of submitting photos for the first time on behalf of good intention. Thank you all!

The contest managed to collect 95 submissions. Apparently there were many great photos to assess and it was hard to choose the winners when they were all good. Well, fortunately there were Meeta, Vero, and Tania... The final decision was drawn from the highest total points accumulated from all judges.

Meanwhile, the good news is I just got myself a new laptop that would give me 24 hour access to this blog. So pleased to finally get a full insight into what is going on with my blog and other's. Definitely will say "Hi" more often to everyone and no more reason to skip posting on a weekend. Now my blog update is just a few clicks away :-) Yes!

Just got to learn about the exciting photo contest from Deeba's Passionate About Baking. Check it out, you might be interested to join....

See you for more updates. For now hope you enjoy my non-food photo shoot. Have a great day!


  1. Congratulations on your new laptop! Now off to check the food photo contest... :))

  2. Photo competition? Well, I know you will really give the others something to strive for!
    BTW Your Saint Honore is fabulous!

  3. Pleased the contest was successful! And I'll check Deeba's site as well.d
    Love your greys and whites! The fuschia accent is perfect. I was thinking yellow...but your choice is way better.

  4. Kris.. I love the photos.. So sublime.. Where do you get all the props.. they are simply stunning. If I come there, will you take me shopping?????? pleeassee!!

    Congrats on the new laptop.. the world is at your feet now!! :) Which one did you get?

  5. wooow.. it's all ur new prop ? :P they are so pretty. And congrats for a new laptop Kris, hmm..imagine a baby with a new toy :D

    Nice to talk to you too Kris.. I will keep posting soon. And please don't dare to ask me my new prop I brought from overseas *grin* , i went there with 2 suitcases and came back home with 4 big suitcase hahahah..

  6. Congrats to all winners. Those are really beautiful shots. Hope one day I can be as good as them :)

  7. Hello, my friend! Well, food or no food, these photos are gorgeous! I LOVE the POP of color!

    You are definitely qualified to be a judge of all things beautiful:) It must have been fun!

    I'm sure your entry in any photo contest will be a success!

    Lucky you to now have a laptop...I really want an iPad!
    Best wishes in all your endeavors,

  8. Glad to have you more often on this blog! :) So yay for the laptop purchase!

  9. Wonderful pictures and great pottery you've incorporated. Raspberry pink is one of my favorite colors, the flower stands out perfectly!

  10. I love the flowers, Kris! Are those dahlias? (I am definitely not a flower connaisseur so am probably totally wrong) Beautiful!

  11. Great photos and love the pottery vases. Am so glad that DMBLGIT is being continued .. would be a shame to see it end as it has inspired so many bloggers including myself.

  12. LOVE the photos and set up of it!!! Those flowers really make everything POP! and YAY for the new laptop!! :)

  13. Kris - such beautiful clicks! Its great that you got your laptop - I will surely drop by more often to see your wonderful work.

    PS: Thanks for visiting me..I didnt expect it - you made my day :)

  14. Really lovely photos. The pop of pink flowers is gorgeous. Glad the contest was so successful. I hope to buy a new camera next month and take my photos to a new level.