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Friday, June 4, 2010

Is It Time To Judge?

Nidhi from Snacksgiving wrote me an email just recently and asked me whether I would want to be the judge for June’s DMBLGIT. Being the host of this month’s event, Nidhi depicted that the number of entries to the photo contest has been continuously decreasing, to a point where if nothing improves, this month’s event could be the very last ever!

Wow, that is critical, isn’t it? I mean which one of us the food bloggers, who actually never heard of or felt eager to be part of DMBLGIT which has been running for 5 consecutive years? And could we imagine an event that has been inspiring us to cook and bake better so we can take a better food shot goes to an end?

So something needs to be done, dear friends ... to keep DMBLGIT going! Let’s show our support to Andrew of Spittoon and Spittoon Extra, the creator of DMBLGIT and Nidhi of this month’s host by sending your best food photo entry from your blog posts in May to June’s DMBLGIT. Besides the entry, you could also help spread the words for the event and its 5th anniversary by simply mentioning about it in your next post. To check out what Nidhi has to say click here.

I rememberred as a food blogger wannabe, I went into Bonbini and admired Thip's DMBLGIT winning photos and simply made a wish that someday soon I would become a food blogger and take nice photos myself. And hopefully if I was good enough I could win DMBLGIT myself someday. Truthfully, it is worthwhile having dreams and making wishes because they can come true.

My dream came true. And for those of you who share the same DMBLGIT dream, send your best photo and make your work seen. Help save this photography event and at the same time, keep other foodbloggers’ dreams alive.

So here come the judge :-)

As promised, I like to share the Strawberry Panacotta recipe which appeared to be the best seller in the bazaar! Enjoy!

Makes 10 cups

1. Vanilla Panacotta

- Whipping cream > 300 ml
- Milk > 160 ml
- Granulated sugar > 55 grams
- Gelatine powder > 2 teaspoons
- Vanilla essence > 1 teaspoon

- Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Cook at medium heat and keep stirring until sugar and gelatine dissolved but not boiled.
- Remove from fire and leave until the batter is just warm. Strain gently into the cups to avoid incurring any bubbles.
- Leave to cool and refrigerate for 2 hours.

2. Strawberry Jelly

- Strawberry puree – strain > 400 ml
- Granulated sugar > 30 grams
- Gelatine powder > 15 grams

- Mix strained strawberry puree, sugar and gelatine in a saucepan. Cook at medium heat and keep stirring until both gelatine and sugar dissolved, but not boiled.
- Remove from fire and leave until the batter is just warm.
- Strain gently on top of vanilla panacotta and leave to cool.
- Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe and also thanks for the info on the photo contest.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your sale in the previous post...really, everything looked so mouth-watering! Panna Cotta is a favorite of mine too, no wonder everyone loved them. I make a basil-infused one with passion fruit that my family adores.
    My photographs don't hold a candle to yours but I will look through May and see if there is anything to enter...such fun you are a judge!

  3. That is so sad! I always felt tempted to participate, but feel that I am not a good enough photograph to do so... A lovely dessert!



  4. I find it truly amazing how you can make this look so incredibly beautiful while in rather plain looking cups. Even the cups look good in your photos!
    On DMBLGIT; I totally agree. But the problem I have - and maybe I am not the only one judging by the lack of entries apparently - is the visibility of the contest. I always have to do a search where the next contest is being hosted and most of the time I get all sorts of wrong information when searching in google. So it also means I tend to forget to enter anything. I think I have only ever tried it once or twice! Maybe a separate site would do the trick; I don't know... I don't have all the answers!
    But good luck on being the judge! I hope you get many photos to consider!!

  5. This dessert looks so elegant and delicious! You sure are well qualified to be a judge; your photography is AMAZING!

  6. I can't believe how much you've been improve in your photography, Kris. It gets better and better, the composition, the styling and lightning.
    I'm sorry to hear about DMBLGIT. I haven't participate the event for a long time since my focus had shifted a bit. I hope we all can save it because it is a great place to share the same passion and to get inspired. Cheers!

  7. those look heavenly!!! thanks so much for sharing those little cups of sunshine!

  8. Oh it'd be sad if DMBLGIT didn't carry on. Shame I only managed to post once in May and don't really think the picture is worthy of submission.

  9. bellissime questi mini coppette!!:)
    sempre bravissima come sempre..complimenti!

  10. these are beautiful! the colors are so very striking.

  11. Beautiful little cups! Had actually never heard of DMBLGIT before, and I'm excited to participate!

  12. Well I don't think that my pictures would be worthy of such a competition but I'll give it a try if only to keep it alive because I do like looking at the creativity of the photographs. I also wanted to second what Junglefrog said about the alerts. I never know when the event is on. I only just happened to read your post on it in time this time around.

  13. Your pannacotta looks as good as ever, Kris.
    I think DMBLGIT is one of the best events around but didn't know it was in trouble. I shall write about it in my next post. I really hope it doesn't diappear, as that would be sad. :(

  14. these are so gorgeous! I love the colors and your photos are so beautiful.

  15. You have an incredible blog. I adore your photos and your recipes. I love paris and everything about it and I think we have that in common!! I am now a follower :)

  16. OH YAY! What lovely exciting news. you;re definitely judge worthy, :)

    It's been sweltering warm here, pass me some panna cotta!

  17. OH, MY, GOD!

    your photos are really excellent!
    unfortunatelly I don't have a blog in english.

    so... hope to se the others recipes

  18. DMBLGIT is a great event but I agree it is not always so visible. I have had trouble finding it int he past as well. (Same with SHF - another nice event). I will mention it in my next post as well.

    These cups look luscious!