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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New and Wishful

Happy New Year, Everyone! Wish you all a new year filled with love, joy, great health, and success!

It is Bake in Paris’ first anniversary! My gratitudes to all of you - especially the blogger peers - for leaving constructive comments to my 91 posts and providing mental support to me. Thanks for the opportunity to make friends with you and to learn from you!

Also my gratitudes to Daring Baker, DMBLGIT, and CLICK for pushing me beyond the limit of my capabilities and causing me to realize what my true interests that lied deep down and yearned to express themselves were. I have found baking, cooking, photography, photo styling, and blogging my passion. This blog and T are 2 greatest things I have embraced during 2009 and for them I feel very blessed.

Meanwhile, I have made some resolutions for the new year...
* I would like to see myself getting one step closer to finding what I really want to do with these baking and photography interests. Despite there might be obstacles along the way, I would like to work on it and bring it into a clearer definition.
* I would like to inject more exciting content into this blog. Many new possibilites will be explored.
* I would like to keep myself healthy. Hopefully I will have more time to rest and exercise. Yoga skills should be improved.
* I would like to keep my lover, family, and friends close to my heart.

A close friend of mine has been talking about making a change in his life and relocate to a new country. I won't doubt a second if he again has included that into his new year’s resolution. He remarked that he has been doing mental preparation. However, he still has his doubt about his career in the foreign country and how he could cope leaving his mother behind. I truly wish him the best and hope this new year will give him great spirit to finally take the action. Afterall, I think he deserves to stay in a country of his dream, a place where he feels he belongs.

The exciting 2010 has begun with a new DMBLGIT award. Thanks to Arfi Binsted of Home MadeS for hosting the DMBLGIT December challenge! Arfi's blog is fabulous, packed with beautiful photographs and great recipes.... so give it a click! I am so charged up after the holiday and can't wait to bake more cakes and take more photos! Thanks again, Everyone!


  1. Hello Kris,
    Happy New Year! Happy lst Anniversary and I am sure all your wishes will come true :D


  2. Happy Anniversary, Kris! Wish your dreams comes true and many many good luck will comes too.

  3. Happiest of New Year's to you, dear. I hope 2010 is gracious and splendid. I love your photography AND your food! I eagerly await all that will unfold.


  4. Happy Newyear to you too and may it bring all that you want and a little more!

  5. Happy Anniversary Kris!
    Wishing you success with all of your goals.

  6. Happy New Year!

    What gorgeous pictures and beautiful flowers!



  7. Hi Kris, happy new year and congrat on your 1st anniversary. Your NY resolution sounds pretty much like mine and hopefully I stick with them. I do hope you find what you are looking for this year and achieve all your aspirations.

  8. Happy new year! I've just stumbled across your blog and it is so beautiful!

  9. Anncoo: Thanks, Ann, hope all wishes you have for this year will come true too!

    Miriam: Thanks!

    Fitri: Wishing all the best too, Fit!

    Coffeegrounded: Margie, so nice to hear from you again! Happy new year!

    Junglefrog: Thanks, Simone! Wish you a year filled with joy and laughter!

    Mimi: Thanks, wish you achieve all your resolutions for this year!

    Rosa: Happy new year!

    Jo: Thanks, Jo! Wish you achieve all your resolutions for this year too! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!!

    Renee: Happy new year! Once I was so inspired with the artworks in Sydney.... and now looking at the content in your blog I kind of getting the vibes back!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  10. Kris, Wow! What a successful year you have had here in the blog world!!! Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2010! Your photos are always soooo beautiful! Aloha from Hawaii, Sue

  11. Hello! :) I reallly enjoy drooling over everything in your blog! :) Are you in Bangkok? I love that place! I miss convent rd's chicken rice soooo much!

  12. Happy New Year, Kris!
    Congratulations on your blog's first Anniversary - your pictures are simply gorgeous and your blogs inspiring. Keep it coming ~ cheers from North Carolina!

  13. Sue: I am so glad you are having holiday in Hawaii! Must be marvelous! Enjoy!!

    Vickys: Thanks, Vic! Yes, bangkok! and it is full of delicious food around. Do visit here again!

    Ann: Happy new year, Ann! Looking forward to your upcoming posts too!

  14. Happy blog anniversary! Congrats on the award! Beautiful picture :)