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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Change is Inevitable?

Love is a wonderful thing, especially if one is blessed to experience it. Many look for it but not all find it. If love is a commodity, it is surely something priceless, like a rare diamond or a trip to the moon. When I was a child, I ever dreamt of becoming a president or a millionaire. That was priceless…… since I dared to aim that high. Later only time and experience proved to me that it was just a dream. Priceless dream! But love – I pray hard for it – is a priceless reachable reality!

3 months has passed by since I first met T on 7th August 2009. We shared most of our time together. A closed friend once told me the first 3 months are like the promotional period when everything is beautiful and sweet. So I should be aware that post 3 months things might slightly or harshly change? True colors finally come to the surface?? I hope not all things change, let the good ones stay the same. Like if we held hands while we watched movie in the theatre, I hope we still hold hands when we watch movie in the next few weeks or months or even years.

There is a proverb that says: “Nothing in this world is certain, only change is”. Well as change is inevitable, with my hope, efforts, and good intention, I wish things will change into something better.

I have been looking at my blog for like a few hundred times, I think it is time to change for a better look: bigger pictures, more presentable header, and a touch of purplish gray background. Hope you will like this change.

Makes 8 tarts

1. Crust
For ingredients and method please refer to Longan Cream Tart, click here

2. Banana Filling
- Egg yolk > 1
- Granulated sugar > 38 grams
- Corn flour > 15 grams
- Salt > 1/8 teaspoon
- Whole milk > 240 ml
- Whipping cream > 240 ml
- Vanilla essence > 1 teaspoon
- Salted butter – room temperature > 10 grams

- Beat egg yolk with a fork in a bowl. Set aside.
- Combine sugar, corn flour, salt, whole milk, whipping cream, and vanilla essence in a saucepan. Whisk constantly and bring to boil at medium heat. Continue cooking and whisking for 1 more minute.
- Pour half of this hot milk to the egg yolk. Whisk quickly to combine.
- Transfer back to the saucepan and bring to boil. Cook for 6 more minutes. Continue whisking.
- Remove from heat and stir in butter.
- Pour banana filling into a bowl or plate and cover with cling film. Leave to cool before refrigerating for 2 hours.

3. Assembly
- Ripe banana – peel, cut in 4mm thick rounds > 1
- Lemon juice > 1 tablespoon
- Banana - for decoration > 1
- Cinnamon – to dust > 2 teaspoons

- Toss banana slices gently with lemon juice.
- Fill crust with 1/3 portion of banana filling. Top with one piece of banana slice. Cover with 1/3 portion of banana filling. Press in another slice of banana.
- Fill the last 1/3 portion of banana filling in a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle. Pipe on top of pie as the top layer.
- Decorate with more banana and sprinkle with cinnamon.


  1. Oh, Kris - You're teasing! Whatever this is, it looks fantastic =D. Love the header as well!

  2. Lauren: I have been waiting to make my blog look better. It is time for a change...... don't you think so?

    Miriam: It is the mini banana tart. Hope you like it :-)


  3. Through all the changes, I hope your life remains as beautiful as your edible creations!!! This looks devine! Warm regards, Sue

    Your blog is gorgeous!

  4. wonderful!
    how did you make the little cups?

  5. I love the new look! Looks gorgeous and as for the things of love that stay; we are together for 18 years, but many many of the good things we had in the beginning, we still have today!

  6. Sue: I could only cross my fingers and wish. Meanwhile do my best! Thanks for the spirit! :-)

    Anonymous: For the cups, you need to do the Crust, please refer to the Crust section:
    And of course you need the crust cup moulds. If you can't find the cup with the pattern similar to my blog, feel free to use other options. Have a happy try!

    Junglefrog: Thanks for the compliment! I think you are fortunate to have such wonderful life partner. Well, I am working on it. I look up to you both :-)


  7. Your blog is always beautiful. Lovely photos, great recipes and a warm narrative.

  8. Whaou, bravo, c'est magnifique (wonderful) ! J'ai très envie de tester.