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Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Blue

Last weekend was gloomy at the beginning. Had a quarrel with my date, C. And on such sad circumstance, I just couldn't bring myself to bake or cook for my blog. Did some macarons on the Friday night. One badge turned out disasterous whereas the following badge was great. And those second-badge "mini Macs" marked my first time success in garnishing macarons with coffee bits. That was because I got some tips from Thip of Bonbini. Thanks, Thip!

The weekend blue was finally removed on Sunday evening when C came to work things out. Good solution occured when two persons opened themselves for an honest conversation. It was surprising to learn that in such truthful moment, negative words didn't sound as harsh as how it should be as they carried the message of wishful reconciliation. And honesty also brought about an extensive opportunity to share sincere thoughts and revealed hidden secrets.

Later that night, I also got to know that my macaron photo won CLICK contest. A pleasant surprise... What a weekend!

Serves 2 persons

- Vegetable oil > 2 tablespoons
- Garlic – chop > 4 cloves
- Chinese chives (Kuchai) flower stalks - cut into portions with length of 7cm > 110 grams
- Black mushrooms – halve > 150 grams
- Baby corn – remove skin > 140 grams
- Oyster sauce > 3 tablespoons
- Fish sauce > 1 teaspoon
- Water > 3 tablespoons
- Brandy > 1 tablespoon

- Sauté garlic with vegetable oil until golden brown and fragrant.
- Add mushrooms and baby corn. Fold in oyster sauce, fish sauce, and water.
- When baby corn is cooked, toss in Chinese chives and continue cooking until it is soft.
- Pour brandy in and stir well.
- Serve.


  1. Hi Kris.. congratulations..!! good job with macaron *LOL..this what you said in my blog when my macaron won the contest* - so funny ^_^ now you won too with the same object

  2. Ha ha thanks, Fit..... maybe we should bake more macarons and win more contests? :-)


  3. I like your highlight photos on the side bar, Kris. :)

  4. Thanks, Thip. I think it is easier to navigate the blog without going through the archive. The obstacle is that for people with slow connection, it takes a while to download....

    I think there is a cost to be pretty ha ha