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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

..... In Harmony

Can't resist strawberries, especially their shapes, textures, and colors. From all kinds of fruits I have ever used to decorate cakes, strawberries are doing the greatest magic to enhance their look and edibility. Regardless whether it is for cold or hot desserts, strawberries bring the beauty and attention under the spot light.

Strawberries also carry very strong taste and aroma. The reason why I think I could never get enough in combining it with a variety of fruits to discover new and interesting flavor. Recently I tried mixing it with apple and this was what I got... the feeling when everything is ......... in harmony.

Serves 2 persons

- Stawberry - slice > 135 grams
- Fuji apple - peel, core, slice > 1
- Coconut milk > 1/4 cup
- Water > 1/4 cup
- Granulated sugar > 2 tablespoons
- Ice cubes > 1 cup
- Coconut white rum > 2 tablespoons

- Mix all ingredients in a blender and whiz till fine.
- Decorate with apple slice and add ice cubes as desired.
- Serve.

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