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Friday, January 9, 2009

Exquisite Taste

Even though I am not a big fan of pumpkin, but I could never resist a slice or two of baked Pumpkin Cheese Cake. Always curious how pumpkin while combined with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, etc., plus vanilla and cream cheese gives such an exquisite taste!

My Mom always reminded her kids to consume pumpkin in the meals she prepared on our dining table due to its health benefits. Nevertheless, as a kid or a growing teenager I simply refused cause pumpkin with its bright yellowish orange flesh just didn’t appeal to my appetite. But now I could see why my Mom did what she did …

Besides full of Vitamin A and antioxidant carotenoids such as alpha and beta-carotenes, this gourd-like squash named from the Greek word “pepon” for large melon is also a great source of vitamin C, K, and E, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. As an important part in our diet, it contains a great amount of effective carbohydrate and fiber.

So are you game to try?

Serves 10 persons

1. Crust

- Chocolate cookie >100 grams
- Roasted cashew nut - crush into small chunks > 100 gram
- Salted butter - melt > 40 gram
- Salt > 1/4 teaspoon

- Prepare a 7 inch cake ring or pie tin.
- Blend cookie in food processor to fine powder. Place into a bowl.
- Mix with cashew nut chunks, melted butter, and salt to form paste.
- Roll with the thickness of 0.3 cm. Press into cake ring or pie tin.
- Refrigerate for an hour.

2. Custard
*Prepare 2 hours before making filling

- Milk > 210 grams
- Sugar > 70 grams
- Corn flour > 7 grams
- Egg > 1
- Salt > 1/4 teaspoon
- Vanilla essence > 1/2 teaspoon

- Mix milk, sugar, corn flour, egg, and salt in a pot and cook until boiled.
- Remove from fire and fold in vanilla essence. Leave to cool.
- Refrigerate for 2 hours or until custard is cold.

3. Filling

- Canned pumpkin > 200 grams
- Cream cheese- room temperature > 100 grams
- Whipping cream > 100 grams
- Sugar > 11 grams
- Gelatine powder > 20 grams
- Hot boiling water > 40 grams
- Ground clove > 1/8 teaspoon
- Ginger powder > 1/8 teaspoon
- Nutmeg powder > 1/8 teaspoon
- Cinnamon powder > 1/8 teaspoon
- Custard > 1 recipe *see above

- Beat cheese cream and sugar with cake mixer until smooth.
- Beat dairy whipping cream until thick.
- Dissolve gelatine powder in hot boiling water.
- Mix cheese cream mixture with whipping cream, gelatine, pumpkin, custard, and all spices.

4. Praline for Decoration

- Sugar > 100 grams
- Roasted sunflower seeds > 10 grams
- Vegetable oil > 1 tablespoon

- Brush pizza tin with vegetable oil. Scatter sunflower seeds on it.
- Melt sugar on medium heat until boiled. Leave simmering until color turns golden brown.
- Pour caramel onto tin. Shape as desired. Leave to cool.

5. Assembly

- Coco powder > 5 grams
- Yellow kiwi fruit - slice > 1
- Chocolate curls > 4

- Pour filling into crust. Refrigerate overnight.
- Sprinkle with coco powder. Decorate with praline, fruit, and chocolate curls. Serve.


  1. You are an undiscovered treasure; I absolutely love your pastries!!!!

  2. This looks amazing and I love pumpkin, sure to try it soon!